A new book putting the spotlight on homelessness

After years of planning, a new book that aims to change the way people think about homelessness is available! The first of its kind, Homelessness in Australia: An Introduction (HIA), was the brain child of CHP’s Parity editor Noel Murray, who passionately believed that such a book was essential to strong leadership in the sector. The book includes chapters from some of Australia’s most respected academics, policy makers, peak bodies and members of the service sector, including fields that intersect with homelessness. In a new approach, the book establishes homelessness as a core area of concern across a range of disciplines, and reinforces the message that homelessness is everybody’s business and that everyone in the community can work towards stamping it out.

Ultimately CHP, along with the contributors and editors, want HIA to be used by anyone with an interest in the issue, regardless of how much they know about homelessness when they pick up the book. This can range from students and the general public to practitioners and academics. Essentially the book is an overview of what we know about homelessness in Australia right now, including causes, effects as well as what’s working and what’s not.

A number of themes emerge across the book. An important one is the need for us to understand that homelessness is a particular life experience that emerges over time, on a background of broader social circumstances that are always changing for example in cu. The other factor that contributes to the complexity of homelessness is that the circumstances of homelessness are unique to each person, and experienced differently by each person.

HIA addresses these challenging issues and will be a significant learning tool for any reader. All royalties from the book will go towards the continued work of CHP in developing homelessness policy and elevating the understanding of homelessness in the community.

Copies can be ordered via the CHP website.