CHP staff and volunteers

Noel Murray, Parity Editor

Noel is the editor and manager of our monthly publication ‘Parity Magazine’ and CHP’s annual reports. Prior to joining CHP in 1988, Noel worked with various trade unions in publications, projects and research capacities. Noel has also lectured in politics, sociology and public health at universities including La Trobe and RMIT.

Phone: 8415 6201

Cassandra Bawden, Team Leader, Peer Education Support Program (PESP)

Cassandra has been the team leader of the Peer Education Support Program (PESP) since 2011, after joining CHP as a member of the inaugural PESP team in 2005. Cassandra’s focus is on increasing consumer participation across the sector and promoting consumer rights. Cassandra has also helped to develop consumer articles for Parity Magazine.

Phone: 8415 6210

Visit the PESP page for information.

Angela Kyriakopoulos, Advocate, Homelessness Advocacy Service  (HAS)

Angela is responsible for the Homelessness Advocacy Service (HAS). With more than 20 years of experience behind her in the tenancy, housing and homelessness sector, Angela passionately supports consumers through advocacy, negotiation and conflict resolution work. Angela also provides advice to community services staff on how to advocate for their clients.

Phone: 8415 6213

Trish Hackney-Westmore, Capacity Building & Policy Officer

Trish supports the sector through research, advocacy and providing practice development opportunities. In 2015 Trish wrote and published the sector’s first ever set of good practice guides. Prior to working with CHP Trish has worked in policy and research at various housing organisations including Hanover and St George Community Housing.

Phone: 8415 6207

Damien Patterson, Policy & Advocacy Officer 

Damien works to ensure that homelessness policy in Victoria is focused on the responses that will successfully end homelessness. With a focus on data, research, program evaluation and consumer experience, Damien works to inform government policy, and ensure that the voice of those experiencing homelessness and those who serve them is represented.

Ph: 8415 6209

Belinda Lack, Digital Communications Officer

Belinda produces digital content for CHP that raises the profile of strategies to end homelessness and engages the community and homelessness sector with news, campaigns and policy. Belinda devises digital strategies and creates multimedia to amplify our messages, as well as maintaining the CHP website and social media accounts.

Phone: 8415 6205

Lanie Harris, Media and Communications Officer

Bio to come. 

Phone: 8415 6214


Our Peer Education Support Program (PESP) team is made up of volunteers.

Visit the PESP page for information.