August 2017 edition: The Future of National Homelessness Policy

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Editorial — The Future of National Homelessness Policy: No Direction Home?

Jenny Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Council to Homeless Persons

Martin Place: No Place for Those Who are Homeless

Digby Hughes, Senior Policy and Research Officer, Homelessness NSW

Finding Innovative Solutions to Homelessness at #NHCSydney

The highly anticipated program for the National Housing Conference 2017, Building for better lives, is now available.

Feature: The Future of National Homelessness Policy

Social and Affordable Housing is Key to the Future of National Housing Policy

Catherine Yeomans, Chief Executive Officer and Chris Bratchford, Executive, Mission Australia Housing

A National Homelessness Strategy: Why We Need It

Damien Patterson, Policy and Advocacy Officer, Council to Homeless Persons

The Visibility of Homelessness Exposes the Invisibility of Housing Policy

Adrian Pisarski, Executive Officer, National Shelter

Homelessness Policy with Women at the Centre: Surveying the Connections between Housing, Gender, Violence and Money

Hannah Gissane, Equality Rights Alliance and Merrindahl Andrew, Australian Women Against Violence Alliance

Homelessness Policy: Where to Now?

Associate Professor David MacKenzie, Swinburne University

Breaking Public Housing?: Tightening the Noose and Kicking Away the Chair

Travis Gilbert, Chief Executive Officer, ACT Shelter

Artificial Intelligence and Homelessness Policy: A Brave New Solution?

Chris Black, Social Policy Analyst

Reconnecting with Young People

Leah Cave, Research and Evaluation Officer and

Jo Fildes Head of Research and Evaluation Sector Engagement, Mission Australia

Consumer Voices— Federal Policy and Homelessness

Consumer Voices is a regular feature in Parity. Articles are written by and with consumers to ensure they have a say about the issues that directly affect them.


Dr. Alice Clark

Executive Director, Shelter SA

Felicity Reynolds

Chief Executive Officer, Mercy Foundation

Catherine Yeomans

Chief Executive Officer, Mission Australia