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The City of Sydney’s latest homeless street count has found that the number of rough sleepers in the city has remained unchanged, despite harsh new move-on laws fast-tracked by the NSW Government in early August. The failure of Sydney’s new move-on powers to impact rough sleeping numbers is yet further […]

Laws have failed to reduce homelessness in Sydney, and they’ll ...

An Interview with Dr. Catherine Robinson, one of Australia’s leading homelessness researchers.  This interview first appeared in the July edition of Parity – Poverty and Homelessness: The Elephant in the Room Catherine was employed to support the development and production of the recent SBS series, “Filthy Rich and Homeless” and is […]

Porn or Pedagogy? Parity interviews an advisor for SBS’s ‘Filthy ...

SBS TV program ‘Filthy Rich and Homeless’ will likely generate a range of community conversations and media coverage about homelessness in Australia. The media has significant power to improve our understanding of the causes of homelessness, as well as the solutions. Conversely, it can incite negative responses, perpetuate misconceptions and […]

Poverty porn or documentary journalism? CHP response to SBS program

With homelessness increasing and becoming more visible, a groundswell of concern from the across the community has prompted many to develop ideas to fix the problem. These creative ideas are born of good intentions, but many miss the mark. Suggestions include converting disused office spaces and factories into temporary accommodation, […]

The best of intentions, but not always the best ideas

  Although we’ve thankfully moved beyond using the words ‘hobo’ and ‘dero’, we’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to the language around homelessness. The media has a significant influence on both the way that the public perceives homelessness, and people who are experiencing homelessness.  In recent […]

Language is important when we talk about homelessness

As an organisation dedicated to ending all forms of homelessness, staff members here at CHP naturally monitor how homelessness is discussed in the media. Whilst media reporting on homelessness is improving to reflect the complexity of the issue, unfortunately certain types of homelessness are still being sensationalised, skewing the public […]

Specialists and media outlets must communicate clearly to help the ...

Just over a year ago, Wayne ‘Mouse’ Perry was stabbed to death while sleeping rough at Enterprise Park on the edge of the Melbourne CBD. A few weeks later a man was stabbed in a rooming house in Kew and in July last year two young people died near Ballarat […]

To end homelessness we need to change our thinking

Media outlets play a huge role in shaping people’s views of social issues. Unfortunately, last week we saw another example of homelessness not being explained, but used as a tool to evoke emotion and perpetuate a stereotype. When a woman’s body was found on a Saturday morning near Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens, […]

Stereotypes abound in media reporting of homelessness