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To mark Homelessness Week 2017, Council to Homeless Persons analysed Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data to expose trends in ‘hidden’ forms of homelessness. Just 6% of people who are experiencing homelessness are sleeping on the street. The majority are effectively invisible to society.  This data shows that hidden […]

Rise in hidden forms of homelessness triggers call for 100,000 ...

              Kate Colvin, Policy and Communications Manager, Council to Homeless Persons.   This article originally appeared in the May 2016 edition of Parity, Australia’s only dedicated publication on homelessness and housing issues. Subscribe to Parity here  The Royal Commission report recognised the critical importance […]

What Would it Take for Women Fleeing Violence to Have ...

                                    An AIHW report released this month shows that 1-in-6 Victorian public housing properties are ‘underutilised,’ and 5% are overcrowded.  ‘Underutilised’ means that the properties contain spare bedrooms that are going unused by […]

Public housing is under-utilised and overcrowded

The latest DHHS rent report shows that Melbourne’s rental affordability is the worst on record, with just 5.7% of all rentals in Melbourne affordable to someone on a low income. Put simply, 1-in-20 rentals in Melbourne are affordable to someone on a low income compared to five years ago when 1-in-5 […]

Melbourne rental affordability worst on record

The Wheeler Centre has hosted a public, in-depth Q&A on homelessness featuring a panel of experts in the field, including: Jenny Smith, Chair of Homelessness Australia and CEO of Council to Homeless Persons Lucy Adams, Manger of Homeless Law Erika, who has a lived experience of homelessness Michael Perusco, CEO […]

Expert panel on homelessness condemns Melbourne’s proposed homeless bylaws

With the federal budget due for release on 9 May, and rumours swirling of a housing bond aggregator as its centrepiece, now seems like the right time to ask; what is a housing bond aggregator and, importantly, will it help make housing more affordable?   What is a housing bond […]

What is a bond aggregator and will it make housing ...

In recent weeks, the media has reported on the Federal Government’s plans to overhaul the National Housing Affordability Agreement (NAHA), casting uncertainty over the future of $1.35 billion of annual funding to housing and homelessness services across the country. The NAHA currently delivers $1.35 billion a year in funding for […]

More not less funds needed for public housing and homelessness

19 December, 2015 – Op Ed by Jenny Smith, CEO, Council to Homeless Persons: On paper, we Melburnians are a lucky bunch. We live in a city that for the past four years has been voted the world’s most liveable, have a well-connected public transport system, a thriving economy, good employment […]

The number of affordable homes won’t increase on their own, ...

 If someone is homeless, they are vulnerable by definition.  This simple fact has  been recognised by the UK Supreme Court  in a recent decision on homelessness obligation in the UK. Under the ruling, services must now compare a person’s vulnerability to an ‘ordinary person’ facing homelessness.  In the past services […]

UK Supreme Court ruling means more people experiencing homelessness will ...

ABS data recently analysed by CHP shows that 1-in-4 renters in Victoria are low-income households (earning $640/week or less) who are paying more than 30% of their income on rent. Where rental stress is high, homelessness is also high. We have produced a league table of all 88 electorates to show […]

Rental stress mapped by electorates