The Council to Homeless Persons is proud to present the Victorian Homelessness Achievement Awards, celebrating the exceptional efforts of workers, consumers and organisations within the specialist homelessness service system. The seven award categories in 2017 were: Excellence in ending homelessness – children and families Excellence in ending homelessness – young peoplekids […]

2017 Victorian Homelessness Achievement Awards   Recently updated !

Prof O’Sullivan will make the keynote address at the Victorian Homelessness Conference on Wednesday 13 September, 10.30am Visiting homelessness expert, Professor Eoin O’Sullivan, is warning Australian welfare chiefs and policy makers that throwing money at crisis responses to homelessness (such as refuges and emergency accommodation), whilst ignoring social housing, is a […]

International homelessness reveals how Finland ended homelessness, and why Australia ...

The City of Sydney’s latest homeless street count has found that the number of rough sleepers in the city has remained unchanged, despite harsh new move-on laws fast-tracked by the NSW Government in early August. The failure of Sydney’s new move-on powers to impact rough sleeping numbers is yet further […]

Laws have failed to reduce homelessness in Sydney, and they’ll ...

A new report stemming from the Royal Commission into Family Violence has found that Victoria needs to add 1,700 new social housing dwellings per year for the next 20 years if it is to maintain current social housing levels. Victoria’s Royal Commission into Family Violence underlined the experience of our […]

Victoria must add 1,700 new social housing dwellings per year ...

From the March 2017 edition of Parity Magazine: I Shall Be Released: Post-Release and Homelessness By Dr Megan Williams I’ve known my dear friend Sandy for several years. He’s been like an angel in my life – kind, supportive and trustworthy. But his life has been punctuated with prison sentences and […]

Sandy, a dear friend, condemned by harmful systems

To mark Youth Homelessness Matters Day 2017, Victorian youth homelessness organisations and peak bodies are calling on the Federal Government to commit to a national plan to tackle rising homelessness amongst young Australians. CHP has created a series of infographics which highlight the startling statistics around youth homelessness.  Australian Institute of […]

Youth Homelessness Matters Day 2017

The following blog was prepared in response to an article in the Herald Sun suggesting that homelessness can be solved by building a Government-owned and operated boarding house.  Warehousing the homeless is not the answer We have made great effort to move away from the old-school model of large-scale homeless shelters. We know […]

Warehousing the homeless is not the answer

This International Women’s Day we’re using hard data to shatter community perceptions about homelessness. Contrary to the stereotype of the older male rough sleeper, the person mostly likely to seek help from a homeless service is a woman aged 25-34 years. Last financial year, 62% of Victorians needing homeless help were […]

IWD 2017: We won’t have true equality until women have ...

With homelessness increasing and becoming more visible, a groundswell of concern from the across the community has prompted many to develop ideas to fix the problem. These creative ideas are born of good intentions, but many miss the mark. Suggestions include converting disused office spaces and factories into temporary accommodation, […]

The best of intentions, but not always the best ideas

Although we’ve thankfully moved beyond using the words ‘hobo’ and ‘dero’, we’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to the language around homelessness. The media has a significant influence on both the way that the public perceives homelessness, and people who are experiencing homelessness.  In recent weeks […]

Language is important when we talk about homelessness