CHP calls for a down payment on long term homelessness strategies

In Victoria alone, nearly 100,000 people sought help from specialist homelessness services in the 2013-14 financial year. This is an increase of eight percent on the previous year, on top of a seven per cent increase the year before, but despite this surge in people seeking help, there’s been little discussion of what we need to be doing to turn the tide. This growing demand, combined with poor housing affordability and a shortage of social housing is making it much harder for homelessness services to do their job.

CHP wants to see a society in which homelessness doesn’t exist. To get there we need to start thinking differently about homelessness and the way services are delivered. We’re calling on the Victorian Government to set out a long term vision and a framework, for how we’re going to end homelessness in Victoria.

That framework should include:

  • Measures to prevent young people from leaving out of home care form experiencing homelessness
  • Rapid re-housing programs that get people back into housing as quickly as possible
  • Long term supported housing programs that help people who’ve been homeless long term get into affordable housing and provide the assistance they need to keep it and
  • A long term affordable housing strategy that boost the number of affordable homes for people on low incomes.

We’d like to see the Victorian Government make a down payment on a plan to end homelessness in the 2015-16 Budget in May and we’ve outlined those initiatives in our Pre Budget Statement. You can read CHP’s complete budget submission here.