Specialist homelessness services

According to the 2011 Census at least 22,773 people are homeless on any night in Victoria:

  • 19% were living in boarding (rooming) houses
  • 34% were accommodated by homelessness services
  • 15% were staying with family and friends
  • 5% were sleeping rough (for example in a park, in the CBD etc.).

The Australian and Victorian governments fund specialist homelessness services to help people find housing and get support if they need it. This may include food vouchers or referral to a support service.

There are approximately 150 specialist homelessness services in Victoria.

Over 2014–15 the Victorian specialist homelessness services worked with over 100,000 people–36.9% of whom were under 24 years old.

Some of these services provide housing services while other provide support services.