CHP Conference 2013: A vision for ending homelessness

The CHP Conference 2013: A vision for ending homelessness was held on 2-3 May at Melbourne’s Hilton on the Park.

The conference brought together leaders from the community, government, private and philanthropic sectors to explore solutions to homelessness and to paint a picture of what the future response to homelessness might look like.

You can find presentations from local and international speakers below.

International keynote speaker: Professor Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Ending and preventing homelessness: Effective responses and multiple exclusion

Multiple exclusion homelessness in the UK

Other speakers:

Stella Avramopoulos: Family violence and homelessness

Chris Black: Ending homelessness with us, not for us

John Blewonski: Service innovations from the HOMEConnect Hub

Michael Calvert: Aboriginal Housing Victoria

Laura Collister: Housing and support for people with a mental illness

Angela Connors: Victorian Homelessness Action Plan 2011-2015

Phil Crane: What the research tells us about early intervention and prevention

Andrew Edgar: Measuring meaningful outcomes through Local Area Service Networks

Jeff Fiedler: Home at last

Heather Holst: Rapid rehousing

Guy Johnson: 24 and 36 month economic and social outcomes from the J2SI pilot

Simon Lenton and Kerry Antonucci: Child FIRST; a platform for integration?

Fiona McCormack: A coordinated response to domestic violence

Robyn Miller: Young people leaving care; the impact of family homelessness and trauma

Jodi Mohr: Best practice in service coordination; Opening Doors and the Specialist Homelessness Services Sector

Geoff Neideck: Specialist Homelessness Services Collection and how it can help you

Michael Perusco: A national perspective

Joel Pringle: The big picture; housing affordability

Simon Phemister: Reforming community services for a changing population

Rosanna Scutella: Journeys home

Jenny Smith: Closing address

Rarni Spencer: Aboriginal tenancies at risk of eviction

Angela Spinney: Painting a vision of the future for women and children who have experienced domestic and family violence