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28 Feb 2017

Update on proposed homeless by-laws

The beginning of 2017 has been largely dominated by a media-led uproar over people rough sleeping at Flinders Street Station, and the subsequent proposal to reform City of Melbourne by-laws to expand the definition of camping and to impose fines and confiscation of belongings on people who are homeless in the CBD and adjoining suburbs.

22 Feb 2017

More not less funds needed for public housing and homelessness

In recent weeks, the Federal Government has indicated an intent to reform the National Housing Affordability Agreement (NAHA), saying it hasn't increased public housing. This #factcheck explores those claims and tracks growth in both public and community housing.

18 Jan 2017

The best of intentions, but not always the best ideas

With homelessness increasing and becoming more visible, a groundswell of concern from the across the community has prompted many to develop ideas to fix the problem.

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