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by Rhianon Vichta and Katie Hail-Jares, Brisbane Youth Service. (The following article originally appeared in the November 2017 edition of Parity magazine. Subscribe to Parity here)  Couch surfing is usually the start to the slippery slope of youth homelessness’ 1 Recent surveys of young Australians show more young people couch surfing than ever […]

We are not all the same: Exploring Difference in Young ...

Youth Homelessness Matters Day (YHMD) is a national campaign that aims to influence youth homelessness policy. This year it will be held on Wednesday 18 April. We have created a set of infographics and fact sheets with the most recent data which can be downloaded here. When we talk about ‘youth’ […]

It’s not just an extended sleepover with friends – the ...

by Tillie Prowse, CEO, Patricia Giles Centre (The following article originally appeared in the March 2018 edition of Parity magazine. Read the article in 3D Issue here or subscribe to Parity)  Imagine a future where the passive acceptance of family and domestic violence (FDV) has been replaced by conscious activism. Where legislation, social and economic policy, and […]

The Future of Women’s Refuges: A Vision for the Future, ...

by Laura Watson, Brisbane Youth Service. (The following article originally appeared in the November 2017 edition of Parity magazine. Read the article in 3D Issue here or subscribe to Parity)  Is there ever truly an ethical way of presenting someone’s suffering and misfortunes? When speaking for others, sharing and ‘benefiting’ from […]

The Ethical Dimension of Fundraising in the Homelessness Sector

Homelessness is a deeply gendered issue. it surprises people to know that the person most likely to walk into a homelessness service is a woman aged 24-34, most likely with a child in tow.  Last financial year, more than 60% of Victorians needing homeless help were female. That’s 3-in-5 clients.  […]

IWD 2018: Homelessness is a women’s issue

This post is an edited extract of an article first published in the May 2017 edition of Parity – Revisiting Homelessness Data. Back copies of Parity can be ordered by contacting the Parity Editor, Noel Murray ( or subscribe today to ensure you never miss an edition. The Collection of […]

How are the homeless counted during the Census?

We often hear that Scandinavian countries are eons ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to progressive social policy. It’s easy to romanticise how great life is abroad, but when it comes to renters’ rights, there’s no doubt that Australia could learn a thing or two from […]

Is renting in Sweden really as good as it’s made ...

This story was originally published on ABC Online’s Curious Melbourne page on the 9th of February 2018.  We thank ABC journalist Simon Leo Brown for exploring this issue so thoroughly. When Dr Kim Proudlove moved to Australia from Vancouver in 1997 she was glad to leave that city’s homeless problem behind. […]

What has caused the recent and visible increase in homelessness ...

As recently reported in the Sunday Age newspaper, the number of people being ‘evicted into homelessness’ has more than doubled over five years as rents rise to historic highs, leaving low-income earners unable to find or sustain a rental…Last financial year over 43,751 people presented at Victorian homelessness services due to […]

Evictions into homelessness double as rents soar

As Parliament returns this week, the Senate will be voting on the Welfare Reform Bill, which will apply stricter conditions and harsher penalties for non-compliance to people receiving Centrelink payments. The proposed changes are sweeping, and the Government has estimated that at least 80,000 people will lose income support payments if the changes are […]

Homelessness to rise if Federal Welfare ‘Reform’ Bill passes