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19 Apr 2017

What is a bond aggregator and will it make housing more affordable?

With the federal budget due for release on 9 May, and rumours swirling of a housing bond aggregator as its centrepiece, now seems like the right time to ask; what is a housing bond aggregator and, importantly, will it help make housing more affordable?

11 Apr 2017

Treasurer fails to address real issues behind housing affordability crisis

The Treasurer’s highly-anticipated speech on housing affordability has succeeded in articulating the depth and breadth of Australia’s affordability crisis but failed to provide a comprehensive policy response.

5 Apr 2017

10 things Melbourne Council could do instead of homeless bans

The Council to Homeless Persons has joined 54 leading homelessness, housing and legal agencies, as well as church groups, to make a final appeal to the City of Melbourne to abandon the proposed bylaws which would make it illegal to sleep rough in the CBD.

4 Apr 2017

Youth Homelessness Matters Day 2017

To mark Youth Homelessness Matters Day 2017, Victorian youth homelessness organisations and peak bodies are calling on the Federal Government to commit to a national plan to tackle rising homelessness amongst young Australians. CHP has created a series of infographics which highlight the startling statistics around youth homelessness.

17 Mar 2017

Warehousing the homeless is not the answer

The following blog was prepared in response to an article suggesting that homelessness can be solved by building a Government-owned and operated boarding house. We have made great effort to move away from the old-school model of large-scale homeless shelters. We know from experience here, and around the world, that these kinds of facilities create far more problems than they solve.

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