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This post is an edited extract of an article first published in the May 2017 edition of Parity – Revisiting Homelessness Data. Back copies of Parity can be ordered by contacting the Parity Editor, Noel Murray ( or subscribe today to ensure you never miss an edition. The Collection of […]

How are the homeless counted during the Census?

We often hear that Scandinavian countries are eons ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to progressive social policy. It’s easy to romanticise how great life is abroad, but when it comes to renters’ rights, there’s no doubt that Australia could learn a thing or two from […]

Is renting in Sweden really as good as it’s made ...

This story was originally published on ABC Online’s Curious Melbourne page on the 9th of February 2018.  We thank ABC journalist Simon Leo Brown for exploring this issue so thoroughly. When Dr Kim Proudlove moved to Australia from Vancouver in 1997 she was glad to leave that city’s homeless problem behind. […]

What has caused the recent and visible increase in homelessness ...

As recently reported in the Sunday Age newspaper, the number of people being ‘evicted into homelessness’ has more than doubled over five years as rents rise to historic highs, leaving low-income earners unable to find or sustain a rental…Last financial year over 43,751 people presented at Victorian homelessness services due to […]

Evictions into homelessness double as rents soar

As Parliament returns this week, the Senate will be voting on the Welfare Reform Bill, which will apply stricter conditions and harsher penalties for non-compliance to people receiving Centrelink payments. The proposed changes are sweeping, and the Government has estimated that at least 80,000 people will lose income support payments if the changes are […]

Homelessness to rise if Federal Welfare ‘Reform’ Bill passes

Ending Homelessness in Ireland, Denmark and Finland? by Eoin O’Sullivan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland In most European states, as well as in Australia, homelessness is on the increase. It is also at stubbornly high levels in North America. This is despite virtually all European and North American states having devised […]

VHC Keynote Plenary Address: Ending Homelessness in Ireland, Denmark and ...

                                   When we look upon the streets, and into the parks of our towns and cities, we see the tip of the iceberg of homelessness in our community.  While those who are rough sleeping […]

A line in the sand on ending homelessness, Op Ed ...

A December reshuffle of the Federal cabinet sees new ministers for issues relating to homelessness. While the Government have continued without a minister for housing and homelessness, two new ministers with responsibilities in relevant areas have been appointed. Dan Tehan, the member for the Victorian electorate of Wannon, is the […]

What does the Federal reshuffle mean for housing and homelessness?

New data from the AIHW shows that last financial year, 10,985 primary and secondary school students sought help from homelessness services (accompanied and unaccompanied); an 11% increase on the previous year.    The chaos and transience of homelessness is jeopardising the education of Victorian kids.  Without intervention and support, children who […]

Homelessness is jeopardising the futures of Victorian kids

We are the first to call out poor reporting of homelessness issues, and have even created media guidelines for journalists reporting on homelessness. We’re also keen to commend good, balanced coverage of homelessness, and printed below is a piece by the Herald Sun that is just that. It shifts the […]

The Hidden Homeless – HERALD SUN Editorial