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2018 eNewsletters

Sector Bulletin 1 May CHP State Budget Analysis: Some welcome initiatives but no housing

CHP eNews 3 May 3 May State Budget wrap-up

CHP eNews 20 April Youth Homelessness Matters Day; a wrap up of what went down

CHP eNews 5 April Two Week to go until Youth Homelessness Matters Day

CHP eNews 22 March Sector Launches national #EverybodysHome campaign

CHP eNews 8 March Rental Tenancies Act reform – easier, quicker evictions still on the table

CHP eNews 22 February Number of wage earners seeking homelessness help skyrockets 

CHP eNews 8 February CHP tells Senate Committee that turning the tide of homelessness takes more social housing

Sector Bulletin 7 February Expect homelessness to rise if Welfare ‘Reform’ Bill passes

CHP eNews 25 January New Plan a Turning Point in Victorian Homelessness Policy  

Sector Bulletin 18 January Rough Sleeping Action Plan a ‘Critical Turning Point’ in Victorian Homelessness Policy 

CHP eNews 11 January ‘Chaos’ Of Homelessness Jeopardising The Education Of Thousands Of Kids

2017 eNewsletters

CHP eNews 14 December Key Findings From Latest AIHW Homelessness Data

Sector Bulletin 1 December Extreme Weather – Flooding

CHP eNews 30 November: Renting Is A Game Of Musical Chairs, And The Poor Lose Out Every Time

CHP eNews 16 November 3 Days to Register for our AGM

Sector Bulletin 9 November Transition Planning for the Specialist Homelessness Sector

CHP eNews 2 November Federal Government’s new bill fails to provide urgently needed resources

Sector Bulletin 1 November National Housing And Homelessness Agreement (NHHA)

Sector Bulletin 27 October Notice Of AGM 2017

CHP eNews 19 October 7 Things Australians can do to help people experiencing homelessness

CHP eNews 5 October Can Victoria’s tenancy laws help prevent homelessness?

Sector Bulletin 4 October Notice Of Election – AGM 2017

Sector Bulleting 2 October Victorian Homelessness Achievement Awards 2017

CHP eNews 21 September International expert calls for social housing as a first priority to address homelessness

CHP eNews 6 September Finland has ended chronic homelessness. What’s their secret? 

CHP eNews 24 August: No room for Nimbyism in the fight against homelessness

CHP eNews 10 August: Ending chronic homelessness

CHP eNews 27 July: Public Housing: Underutilised and Overcrowded

 CHP eNews 13 July: One month until Homelessness Week #HW17

CHP eNews 29 June: Filthy rich and homeless: Poverty porn or documentary journalism?

CHP eNews 15 June: Melbourne #keepyourheart

CHP eNews 1 June: The revolving door of prison and homelessness

Sector Bulletin 26 May: NDIS and homelessness

Sector Bulletin 22 May: Register now for the Victorian Homelessness Conference 2017

CHP eNews 17 May: Now is the worst time to be a renter if you’re poor

Sector Bulletin 10 May: CHP’s reaction to the Federal Budget 2017

CHP eNews 4 May: State Budget investments welcomed, but Federal action needed

Sector Bulletin 3 May: Has the State Budget delivered enough for housing and homelessness? CHP unpacks the detail

CHP eNews 20 April: A national homelessness strategy: Why we need it

CHP eNews 6 April: An alternative to anti-homelessness bylaws

CHP eNews 23 March: City of Melbourne’s homelessness bylaw

CHP eNews 9 March: Victorian Government housing plan released

Sector Bulletin 1 March: Voice your views on the proposed homeless bylaws

Sector Bulletin 24 February: A deep dive into the details of $2.1 billion social housing package

CHP eNews 23 February: Update on the rumoured axing of NAHA

Sector Bulletin 7 February: Community organisations call on Melbourne City Councillors to reject homeless laws 

CHP eNews 26 January: Moving on the homeless will not make them disappear

CHP eNews 12 January: New social housing on VicRoads land

2016 CHP eNews 

Sector Bulletin 9 December: Twelve month funding extension a welcome first step, but still a long way to go in turning around rising homelessness and family violence in Australia

Sector Bulletin 8 December: CEO Update on Reform and Consultation Forums

Sector Bulletin 17 November: $109 million State Government funding

Sector Bulletin 16 August: Homelessness and social housing reform launch sites update

CHP eNews 11 August: Census 2016: Homelessness count continues

CHP eNews 28 July: Homelessness Week countdown – Homelessness Happns

CHP eNews 14 July: Homelessness Counts for Homelessness Week 2016

CHP eNews 30 June 2016: Head to the polls and Vote Home!

CHP eNews 16 June 2016: Vote Home launches housing affordability and family violence petitions

CHP eNews 2 June 2016: Vote Home passes 4,000 supporters

CHP eNews 20 May 2016: Vote Home to end the housing crisis

CHP eNews 5 May 2016: Notices to vacate via email

Sector Bulletin 29 April 2016: Closer budget analysis

Early 2016