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2017 eNewsletters

CHP eNews 30 November: Renting Is A Game Of Musical Chairs, And The Poor Lose Out Every Time

CHP eNews 16 November 3 Days to Register for our AGM

Sector Bulletin 9 November Transition Planning for the Specialist Homelessness Sector

CHP eNews 2 November Federal Government’s new bill fails to provide urgently needed resources

Sector Bulletin 1 November National Housing And Homelessness Agreement (NHHA)

Sector Bulletin 27 October Notice Of AGM 2017

CHP eNews 19 October 7 Things Australians can do to help people experiencing homelessness

CHP eNews 5 October Can Victoria’s tenancy laws help prevent homelessness?

Sector Bulletin 4 October Notice Of Election – AGM 2017

Sector Bulleting 2 October Victorian Homelessness Achievement Awards 2017

CHP eNews 21 September International expert calls for social housing as a first priority to address homelessness

CHP eNews 6 September Finland has ended chronic homelessness. What’s their secret? 

CHP eNews 24 August: No room for Nimbyism in the fight against homelessness

CHP eNews 10 August: Ending chronic homelessness

CHP eNews 27 July: Public Housing: Underutilised and Overcrowded

 CHP eNews 13 July: One month until Homelessness Week #HW17

CHP eNews 29 June: Filthy rich and homeless: Poverty porn or documentary journalism?

CHP eNews 15 June: Melbourne #keepyourheart

CHP eNews 1 June: The revolving door of prison and homelessness

Sector Bulletin 26 May: NDIS and homelessness

Sector Bulletin 22 May: Register now for the Victorian Homelessness Conference 2017

CHP eNews 17 May: Now is the worst time to be a renter if you’re poor

Sector Bulletin 10 May: CHP’s reaction to the Federal Budget 2017

CHP eNews 4 May: State Budget investments welcomed, but Federal action needed

Sector Bulletin 3 May: Has the State Budget delivered enough for housing and homelessness? CHP unpacks the detail

CHP eNews 20 April: A national homelessness strategy: Why we need it

CHP eNews 6 April: An alternative to anti-homelessness bylaws

CHP eNews 23 March: City of Melbourne’s homelessness bylaw

CHP eNews 9 March: Victorian Government housing plan released

Sector Bulletin 1 March: Voice your views on the proposed homeless bylaws

Sector Bulletin 24 February: A deep dive into the details of $2.1 billion social housing package

CHP eNews 23 February: Update on the rumoured axing of NAHA

Sector Bulletin 7 February: Community organisations call on Melbourne City Councillors to reject homeless laws 

CHP eNews 26 January: Moving on the homeless will not make them disappear

CHP eNews 12 January: New social housing on VicRoads land

2016 CHP eNews 

Sector Bulletin 9 December: Twelve month funding extension a welcome first step, but still a long way to go in turning around rising homelessness and family violence in Australia

Sector Bulletin 8 December: CEO Update on Reform and Consultation Forums

Sector Bulletin 17 November: $109 million State Government funding

Sector Bulletin 16 August: Homelessness and social housing reform launch sites update

CHP eNews 11 August: Census 2016: Homelessness count continues

CHP eNews 28 July: Homelessness Week countdown – Homelessness Happns

CHP eNews 14 July: Homelessness Counts for Homelessness Week 2016

CHP eNews 30 June 2016: Head to the polls and Vote Home!

CHP eNews 16 June 2016: Vote Home launches housing affordability and family violence petitions

CHP eNews 2 June 2016: Vote Home passes 4,000 supporters

CHP eNews 20 May 2016: Vote Home to end the housing crisis

CHP eNews 5 May 2016: Notices to vacate via email

Sector Bulletin 29 April 2016: Closer budget analysis

Early 2016