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Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) has developed a set of Media Guidelines  which outline things for journalists to consider when reporting on homelessness. In response to increasingly negative portrayals of homelessness by some sections of the media, an alliance of Melbourne homelessness agencies and peak bodies released a communique appealing for greater balance and factual reporting in relation to homelessness. 

For media enquiries contact Lanie Harris, Media and Communications Officer on (03) 9415 6214 or lanie@chp.org.au.


21 April: Homelessness Australia applauds ALP housing affordability announcement

10 April: National peak body calls for urgent action on homelessness

6 April: 54 CEOs join together to make final appeal to City of Melbourne to abandon proposed homeless bylaws 

5 April: Youth homelessness too often hidden

28 March: Caravan park closures drive homelessness

17 March: 10,000 Victorian schoolkids sought homeless help last year

17 March: 39,000 Australian schoolkids sought homeless help last year

15 March: Proposed homeless ban cause for concern – UN Expert

7 March: 2-in-3 people seeking homelessness help are women

6 March: Victorian Government Housing Strategy will improve affordability; now the Federal Government needs to step up the plate

26 February: Proposed ‘zero-day’ evictions will lead to more homelessness

23 February: Victorian Government responds to urgent need for social housing with a $1 billion social housing growth fund

16 February: Low-income renters suffer as ‘rent down’ phenomenon creates fierce competition 

10 February: Homelessness Australia: We must fix homelessness, not throw up our hands

6 February: Homeless agencies call on Melbourne City Councillors to reject homeless laws that have failed elsewhere

20 January: Homelessness agencies insist that making rough sleeping illegal will not solve the homelessness problem

18 January: Open letter from 36 CEOs – Moving on the homeless doesn’t make them disappear


15 December: Federal Government needs a plan to respond to the massive increase in homeless families

9 December: Twelve month funding extension a welcome first step, but still a long way to go in turning around rising homelessness and family violence in Australia

6 December: 209 welfare leaders sign open letter calling on Prime Minister to save homelessness programs from closure

6 December: Open letter to Prime Minister Turnbull from 209 CEOs calling for an end to funding uncertainty

24 November: Peak body for homelessness welcomes 10-year plan for ending family violence

23 November: Peak calls for 10,000 one-bedroom homes for 10,000 homeless singles

12 November: New funds to help thousands of people experiencing homelessness

9 November: Young mum to deliver petitions from 40,000 Australians calling on the Federal Government to prioritise homelessness funding and reform to avert looming crisis

4 November: Welfare chiefs warn Ministers of a looming spike in homelessness in face of Federal funding cuts

28 October: Federal homelessness funding the elephant in the room at COAG Summit on Family Violence

19 October: Calls for begging to be decriminalised

12 October: Rooming house residents living in poverty, paying exorbitant rents

4 October: Infrastructure Victoria’s 30,000 new affordable homes will tackle homelessness head-on

2 October: Single working women locked out of renting in Melbourne

2 September: 1-in-20 renters don’t have a working toilet: Crackdown on shoddy rentals overdue

30 August: 1-in-4 low income renters will be living on $23/day if $4.40 Newstart energy supplement is cut

24 August: Not housing rough sleepers is costing Victoria $19 million p.a.

29 July: Connecting app users with the hidden faces and places of homelessness

18 July: Homelessness support funding announced

17 June: Vote Home campaign achieves a win with two major parties now committed to significant actions to address the housing and homelessness crisis

9 June: Low-income family asks for community support in calling for more affordable housing options

19 May: Vote Home in bid to end the housing crisis

17 May: Don’t blame the individual when lack of housing is the real problem

11 May: People who are homeless living on our streets need support not vilification

27 April: Budget will make a real difference to people in housing crisis and experiencing homelessness

21 April: Affordable housing and adequate incomes are long-term solutions to food insecurity, not simply food, says CHP

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