100,000 Homes

           The Campaign to build 100,000 Homes 

 Australia has a housing crisis. Keeping a roof over your head has never been harder.

Every night this crisis makes more people homeless. Thousands more struggle on the knife-edge, going without to pay more than they can afford in rent.

The great Australian dream of having a place to call home is slipping away.

Something needs to be done

Rents and house prices keep rising faster than incomes, fueled by $12 billion a year in Government tax breaks for investors that only make prices rise faster.

200,000 people are on public and community housing wait lists, but programs to deliver rental housing to low-income earners have been cut.

It’s time for a new direction in housing policy that puts people first.

Housing affordability can be achieved. We need to end the housing crisis.

This campaign is about seeing real solutions to Australia’s biggest social and economic problem, the housing crisis.

We want to see everyone in Australia able to afford a place to call home.

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In fact, we’re calling out for it. This campaign is about adding your voice to the call for change, and letting the Treasurer know; housing is for people first.


                               Christine’s Story



When I fled my partner at age 53 I had nowhere to go. Mum had been sleeping on a friend’s couch for two years, Dad was so sick from chemo. I was homeless and my 13 year old was too.


What we desperately needed was housing we could afford, but there was nothing. The housing crisis is devastating so many families. There’s 200,000 families like mine waiting for public or community housing, and every night over 100,000 people in Australia are homeless.


100,000 new public or community housing properties would help to end the housing crisis.


Instead of finding housing, I found a friend’s kid’s play room. I didn’t have a bed, and I didn’t have my belongings. The future looked hopeless for me and my daughter.


I injured my back providing palliative care for Dad and had to quit my job as a primary teacher. I knew I’d have to go on Centrelink and the rental prices aren’t an option for a single mum on a pension.


I always held on to hope that there would be some sort of help there for us.


Mum and I now rent together, pooling our incomes to pay the rent. But it’s still hard. Minimise heating costs. Minimise water costs. Minimise the gas costs. Don’t buy meat because it costs too much. Having to think about this all the time; it’s exhausting, it’s frightening, and it’s constant pressure. We try take public transport, and not use the cars too much, but that’s hard when you’ve got a teenager.


Sometimes I lie awake at night worried about how I can provide security my daughter, and give her the things that she wants like any other normal teenager. Or I lie in bed stressed because I have to use the car tomorrow; it’s so old – I hope it doesn’t breakdown. How would I pay the rent if I get a big mechanic’s bill?  Can I get there without the car tomorrow?


I don’t know what I will do when mum goes… I can’t pay the rent on one income. What we need is dedicated homes for low-income earners, charging them rent that they can afford, based on their income.


This is a problem that could be fixed if there was housing for people. 100,000 new homes would mean you could be housing the elderly. And families. And people who need some extra support.


For me, public or community housing would mean a place where I can look after my mum, and then not lose that place when she’s no longer with me. I could have security for my kid.


Please Sign my petition to ask the Government to increase the public housing and community safety net so that families like mine don’t fall into homelessness.