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CHP in the News

Council to Homeless Persons undertakes regular media activity to:

  • inform Victorians about the issue of homelessness
  • create awareness about those who are experiencing or may be at risk of homelessness
  • support the Victorian homelessness sector.

12 February 2018 Welfare changes to disadvantage family violence victims, advocates say CHP Policy and Communications Manager Kate Colvin tells the Sydney Morning Herald how the proposed Welfare Reform Bill will make it harder for women fleeing violent relationships to leave their partner

11 February 2018 Thousands of Victorians evicted into homelessness amid competitive rental market CHP analysis featured in Domain news shows that while stamp duty revenue and rents have skyrocketed, evictions into homelessness have more than doubled in five years.  

10 February 2018 Bill will cause extreme financial, mental stress In The Riverine Herald, CHP CEO Jenny Smith says that while the proposed Welfare Reform Bill may save money in the short-term, it will only increase costs in homelessness and housing support in the long term.  

6 January 2018 Coalition warned welfare overhaul could worsen homelessness  In The Guardian, The Council to Homeless Persons warns the Federal Government’s that if passed, the Welfare Reform Bill will strip vulnerable people of their Centrelink payments and lead to a rise in homelessness

13 January 2018 Andrews’ Government $45 million homeless plan a ‘critical turning point’   CEO Jenny Smith hails the new Victorian Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Plan as a watershed moment in Victorian homelessness policy.  

13 January 2018  Rising number of students seeking support from homeless services  CEO Jenny Smith tells ABC TV Breakfast that  government intervention is needed to stop student homelessness

3 January 2018 Media Lead Beat-Up of Homeless – Bad Government Policy Follows.  CHP Policy Manager Kate Colvin talks to New Matilda about the repercussions that derogatory media coverage can have on homelessness policy.  

28 December 2017 Former soldier taking up arms in the fight against homelessness PESP member and veteran Jody Letts is interviewed in The Australian about her journey through homelessness.

11 December 2017 Rent stress’ for disadvantaged CHP CEO Jenny Smith says windfall gains to the budget from skyrocketing house prices should be used to lessen pain caused by the housing crisis in The Mornington Peninsula News  and Bayside News.

4 December 2017 Not in their backyard? Wealthy suburbs need to back public housing In The Age, the Council to Homeless Persons joins to call for all political parties to support desperately needed public housing developments.

30 November 2017  Low-income earners forced more than 100km from Melbourne to avoid rent stress  The latest Rental Affordability Index reveals that renting is a game of musical chairs for low-income earners.  In the wake of CHP’s State Budget Submission asking for 14,500 social housing properties to be built, CHP’s Jenny Smith speaks to about how vulnerable households are being forced out of cities, and sometimes into homelessness.  

22 November 2017 Andrews Government foils public housing rent grab plan CHP CEO Jenny Smith speaks comments in Herald Sun on why a federal scheme to automatically deduct rent from public housing tenants’ welfare payments could cause homelessness

3 November 2017 Turnbull’s new homelessness scheme will do nothing to address the problem CHP CEO Jenny Smith tells Sydney Criminal Lawyers that the Federal Governments new housing and homelessness bill gives the Government power to unrealistic targets for states, but then cut funding when those targets aren’t met 

26 October 2017 New homelessness agreement causes controversy CHP CEO Jenny Smith says the Federal Governments Housing and Homelessness bill is akin to moving deck chairs around on the Titanic on ABC RN

10 October 2017 CHP CEO Jenny Smith speaks to the Heral Sund and the Star Weekly about rising rental (un)affordability in Victoria

28 September 2017 Policy and Advocacy Officer Damien Patterson speaks on Facebook LIVE with the Make Renting Fair Campaign about how Victoria’s tenancy laws can work better to prevent homelessness.  



26 September 2017 City of Melbourne to remove groups of homeless amid police crackdown on beggars  In ABC News Online, CHP CEO Jenny Smith supports Melbourne City Council’s abandonment of punitive measures against people experiencing homelessness in Melbourne CBD

26 September 2017 Melbourne’s ‘assertive’ approach to homelessness  CHP welcomes Melbourne City Council’s abandonment of their proposed rough sleeping bylaws and the continuation of “practical and proven strategies” in The Australian

13 September 2017 City’s rough sleepers more common in the suburbs – and just tip of the iceberg…CEO Jenny Smith tells The Age that City of Melbourne’s proposed bylaws take Melbourne “down a very dark path.”

12 September 2017 Ignoring Social Housing is a Recipe for Failure Expert Warns  CHP Conference Keynote speaker Professor Eoin O’Sullivan outlines the case for more affordable housing in Pro Bono Australia

11 September Crisis measures won’t solve homelessness, Australian governments warned CHP Conference Keynote speaker Professor Eoin O’Sullivan tells The Guardian that housing first is a more ethical and effective way of addressing homelessness than move-on laws

11 September 2017  CHP Conference Keynote speaker Professor Eoin O’Sullivan says Australia should learn from Finland’s approach to homelessness on ABC News Breakfast

19 August 2017 City of Melbourne to debate anti-camping bylaws next month In the Herald Sun, Council to Homeless Persons CEO Jenny Smith says Melbourne City Council should reject the proposed rough-sleeping bylaws.  

16 August 2017 Homelessness agencies call for governments to provide a boost to public housing to ease affordability crisis Council to Homeless Persons CEO Jenny Smith tells the Herald Sun that homelessness organisations are pushing for new zoning legislation 

11 August 2017  Welfare organisations say soaring property prices push rentals out of reach for battling families” Kate Colvin tells the Herald Sun that the housing system is failing our most vulnerable.

7 August 2017  ‘The realities of homelessness Homelessness Walking Tour guide and PESP graduate Jason talks to ABC Radio Melbourne Afternoons on the realities of being homeless and, why we need 100,00 new homes 

7 August 2017 CHP CEO Jenny Smith announces the launch of the 100,000 homes campaign on ABC News TV 


— ABC News (@abcnews) August 7, 2017

7 August 2017 ‘Homeless Australians most in need between 12am and 3am, AskIzzy reveals’  PESP graduate John talks to about how people experiencing homelessness have to manage sleeping and safety issues.  

7 August 2017 ‘Australia’s homelessness crisis‘ At the launch of Homelessness Week 2017, CHP CEO & Homelessness Australian Chair Jenny Smith, puts the focus on the problem of hidden homelessness, as covered by The Guardian 

5 August 2017 ‘Melbourne’s Housing Crisis worse in suburbs than CBD’ Policy Manager Kate Colvin speaks to the ABC about the growing homelessness crisis in Melbourne suburbs

2 August 2017 ‘Calls for 100,000 social housing boost across Australia to help people experiencing homelessness‘ The Herald Sun interviews PESP graduate Christine Thrikell on her petition for 100,000 new public housing properties across Australia to ensure families and individuals facing homelessness don’t suffer as she did.

20 July 2017 ‘Ask Izzy expands to provide support for people experiencing family violence‘.  PESP graduate Vicky Vacondios talk to Pro Bono News about the Help at Hand online tool that’s helping people experiencing homelessness

7 July 2017 ‘Rent in Melbourne at its worst affordability level ever recorded‘ It’s never been harder for Melburnians to find an affordable place to rent – Policy Manager Kate Colvin speaks to Domain News about the consequences of a rental un-affordability for low-income earners.  

29 June 2017People turned away from crisis accommodation leading to more rough sleeping.’ Policy Manager Kate Colvin speaks to ABC’s The World Today about the growing burden on crisis accommodation providers. 

28 JuneA tale of three Melbournes as inner city detaches from outer suburbs’ With the release of the Census 2016 data, CHP CEO Jenny Smith talks to The Age about the housing and rental affordability crises bearing down on low-income earners. 

27 June 2017Is Filthy rich and Homeless Poverty Porn?’ CHP CEO Jenny Smith discusses the representation of homelessness depicted in the SBS reality TV show with ABC’s 774 Breakfast.

26 June 2017Can homelessness ever be solved?’ CEO Jenny Smith speaks with SBS about how our housing policies are key to ending homelessness. 

16 June 2017Vanishing dream: Home ownership plummeting in Victoria’ Policy Manager Kate Colvin discusses the failing housing system in The Age.

15 June 2017Unconditional charity: Why it’s okay to give money to homeless people’ CHP CEO Jenny Smith comments on the culture of giving in Australia for  SBS

7 June 2017 ‘Public forum: Homelessness’ CHP CEO Jenny Smith answers questions on homelessness at a public Q&A hosted by The Wheeler Centre

29 May 2017Calls to Stop ‘Revolving Door’ Between Prisons and Homelessness’   CHP CEO Jenny Smith tells Pro Bono Australia that more support is required to break the cycle of homelessness and prison

16 May 2017Public anxiety on begging growing‘ Jenny Smith speaks to the Bendigo Advertiser on the issue of begging.

14 May 2017Housing Lists‘ PESP volunteer John and Jenny Smith speak to ABC reporter Norman Hermant about the need for more investment in social housing. 

14 May 2017‘It’s public housing or my car’: Longriver and the caravan park residents facing homelessness‘ Jenny Smith speaks to The Guardian about Caravan park closures and the impact they have on people in need of affordable accommodation. 

2 May 2017Victorian Budget Addresses Family Violence and Homelessness‘ Jenny Smith speaks to Pro Bono News about outcomes of the 2017 Victorian State Budget for the homelessness sector. 

2 May 2017  ‘Tenants could be evicted if they ‘alarm’ neighbours under proposed changes‘ Jenny Smith comments in The Herald Sun on the negative impact proposed changes to Residential Tenancies Act will have upon vulnerable tenants. 

 1 May 2017Homelessness body warns of disaster if Morrison scraps housing agreement‘ Jenny Smith speaks to The Guardian about why a loss of funding to the National Affordable Housing Agreement would be a disaster for homelessness services.  

12 April 2017Government’s piecemeal housing fix simply won’t work‘ In response to the Treasurer’s announcement on housing affordability, Jenny Smith writes opinion editorial calling for better policy solutions to the housing crisis in The Sydney Morning Herald.

9 April 2017: ‘Creative housing solutions for homeless people’ Jenny Smith speaks with ABC Radio National about opportunities for new housing projects and finding creative solution that meet standards of liveability.

12 July 2016: ‘Push to house Melbourne’s homeless in vacant offices to tackle housing crisis’ – Jenny Smith speaks with ABC News Melbourne and welcomes innovative ideas to support people living homeless but warns crisis accommodation in isolation is a band-aid solution to the affordable housing crisis.

28 June 2016‘Plea for affordable housing to tackle homeless crisis’ – PESP volunteer Christine shares news of her petition calling for affordable homes with Brimbank Leader and urges the community to support her.

26 June 2016‘The sad struggle for a home in the lucky country’ – Jenny Smith writes opinion editorial on the housing crisis for The Sunday Age.

31 May 2016‘Hope for housing’ – Jenny Smith and PESP volunteer Trevor support the Vote Home alliance calling for a national strategy to end Australia’s housing crisis on the front page of Preston Leader.

20 May 2016‘New alliance launches Vote Home campaign ahead of federal election’ – Jenny Smith speaks with Leader Newspapers on the need for a federal government platform to address the affordable housing crisis