February 2010

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February 2010 – ABI and Homelessness

Vale Tim Matheson

Michelle Burrell, CEO, Council to Homeless Persons


Introducing Michelle Burrell, the new CEO of CHP

February Update: Homelessness Australia
By Simon Smith, Executive Officer, Homelessness Australia

Many Ways Home — Towards Ending Homelessness by 2020

Homelessness Australia’s 6th National Homelessness Conference

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FEATURE: ABI and Homelessness

What is an ABI?
By Rachel Merton, Chief Executive Officer, Brain Injury Association of NSW Inc

Nowhere to Go: What the Literature tells us About Acquired Brain Injury and Homelessness
By Monique Lucas, Case Manager, Statewide ABI Case Management Service, Melbourne Citymission

Homeless Adults Living with Acquired Brain Injuries
By Alice Rota-Bartelink, Research Manger, Wintringham

Everybody Knows
By Nick Rushworth, Executive Officer, Brain Injury Australia

Working with People with an ABI: Looking Beyond the “Challenging”
By Rachel Merton, Chief Executive Officer, Brain Injury Association of NSW Inc

Hidden Homelessness: Supported Residential Services as a Default Option for Individuals with an ABI
By Lucy Knox, Monique Lucas and Tom Worsnop, ABI Services Unit, Melbourne Citymission

Cycles of Institutionalisation
By Joseph Connellan

Homelessness, Acquired Brain Injury and Corrections Victoria
By Jo Famularo-Doyle, ABI Clinician, Corrections Victoria, PhD Student Monash University

An Interview with Andy
By Allan Martin, Peer Education Support Program member

An Interview with Dot Campbell
By Cassandra Bawden, CHP Homelessness Advocacy Service’s Peer Education Support Program’s Project worker

Tertiary Homelessness: Case Studies into the Hidden Homeless?
By Antoinette Bogg, Philip McCrory and Peter McGrath, Melbourne Citymission ABI Statewide Case Management Service

What Needs to be Done to Prevent Those with an ABI Becoming Homeless?
By Rachel Behn

Opinion – Tom Worsnop
Manager, Acquired Brain Injury Services, Melbourne Citymission