April 2010

Cover Parity April 2010

“Out of Sight” Young People, the Hidden Homeless

Table of contents

Guest Editorial

Michael Coffey, YAA CEO and NYCH Co-Chair


What About Me?

Homelessness Australia (HA) April Update

By Simon Smith, (Departing) Executive Officer, Homelessness Australia

National Youth Coalition for Housing

Youth Homelessness Matters Day 2010


“Out of Sight” Young People, the Hidden Homeless

We Need a ‘Spectrum’ of Housing and Support for All Young People at Risk of or Experiencing Homelessness

By Michael Coffey, Co-Chair NYCH and CEO YAA

 Looking Backwards, Moving Forward: Implications for Policy of a Longitudinal Study on Youth Homelessness

By Dr Shelley Mallett, General Manager Research and Service Development, Hanover Welfare Services

Fighting for all Young People Without a Home

By Veronica Penna

Responding to the Needs of Same Sex Attracted, Transgender and Intersex (SSATI) Young People in Homelessness and Housing Services

By Fiona Murray, Family Access Network

 Jake’s Story

By Housing Support Service, Outer Western Municipality, Victoria

 A Place to Live: Invisible Homelessness and the Experience of Young People from Refugee and Migrant Backgrounds

By the Centre for Multicultural Youth

My Least Favourite Room: Young People and Rooming Houses in Victoria

Jane Lazzari, Youth Policy Officer, Council to Homeless Persons

 Models, Specialist Services, Mainstream Services, and Are We on the Right Track?

By Narelle Clay, AM, Southern Youth and Family Services, NSW.

‘Hybrid Foyers’: A 21st Century Response to Youth Homelessness Accommodation?

By Dr. Susan Oakley and Dr. Janette Hancock, Service to Youth Council Inc

Hidden Within a Hidden Population: Unaccompanied Children in Homelessness Services

By George Mudford, Youth Accommodation Association

Student Homelessness Hidden in North-East Melbourne

By Cheryle Michael, Youth Planning and Policy Officer, Banyule City Council

The Wilum Youth Drug and Alcohol Supported Accommodation Program

By Christa Grapentin, Manager, YSASS Wilum Supported Accommodation Program

HYPA Housing: Helping the Hidden Homeless

By Lisa Kosandiak, Service to Youth Council Inc

On the Outside Looking In: An interview with a young person who has experienced homelessness

By Cassandra Bawden, CHP PESP Project Worker

Are We Teaching Children and Young People in State Care to be Homeless?

By Amanda Shaw, Senior Advocate, Office of the Guardian for Children and Young People,South Australia


Dr Shelley Mallett

General Manager, Research and Service Development, Hanover Welfare Services