August 2010

The August 2010 Responding to Homelessness in Queensland edition


The August 2010 Responding to Homelessness in Queensland edition


 Foreword — Responding to Homelessness in Queensland

Anna Bligh MP, Premier of Queensland


Michelle Burrell, CEO CHP

 Homelessness Australia August Update

By Travis Gilbert, Policy and Research Officer

 Chapter 1: Government Responses and Initiatives

Implementing the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness in Queensland: An Overview

By Policy and Performance, Housing and Homelessness Services, Department of Communities

Collaborative Homelessness Community Action Planning in Queensland

By Homelessness Programs, Housing and Homelessness Services, Department of Communities, and the Queensland Council of Social Service

 Community Support for Homeless People with a Mental Illness

By Community Mental Health, Disability Services, Department of Communities

Integrating Service Responses to Young People in Inner-city Brisbane

By Brisbane Region, Department of Communities and Children’s Health Services, Queensland Health

RentConnect helps Queenslanders Access the Private Rental Market

By Private Housing Support, Housing and Homelessness Services, Department of Communities

Chapter 2: Issues at Stake in Response to Homelessness in Queensland

The ‘Not So Lucky Country’

By David Hinchliffe, Councillor, Brisbane City Council

Homelessness in Queensland: Service Providers Perspectives

By Peter Mengede, Policy Officer,Queensland Shelter

Why Queensland Needs a Youth Homelessness Action Plan

By Maria Leebeek, Executive Officer, Queensland Youth Housing Coalition Inc

‘If I Had My Kids, I’d Be Rich’: Homelessness and Child Removal

By Dr Tamara Walsh and Dr Heather Douglas, TC Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland

Legal Health Checks: A Targeted Response to Legal Need

By Sue Garlick, QPILCH Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic and Rachel Watson, Mission Australia

A Crisis Unrecognised: The Invisibility of Women’s Homelessness

By Carol Birrell, Spiritus, Group Manager, Homelessness Services Women and Children

HIP HOP – Scratching for Housing: Where are the Young Women in the Homelessness Implementation Plan?

By Maria Leebeek, Executive Officer, Queensland Youth Housing Coalition Inc and Talei Rice Zig Zag Young Women’s Resource Centre

Defining ‘Drop In’ on The Road Home

By Adam Barnes, Homelessness and Housing Coordinator, Brisbane Youth Service

Chapter 3: Program, Service and Practice Responses

Three Models at Work: Simple, but Not Easy

By Rod Kelly, Manager, 139 Club

The Ozcare Supported Parole Program

By Ozcare Queensland

Under 1 Roof: A Multi-Agency Response to Homelessness

By Fiona Caniglia, Under 1 Roof Project Worker

Mission Possible: Mission Australia Services and Collaborations in Queensland

By Avryl Gration, Operations Manager, Mission Australia Queensland, Amanda Smith, Adventure Based Learning Coordinator and Robyn Lawrence, Lifestyle Coordinator, Roma House

Where are Queensland’s Children Sleeping Tonight?

By Heather McAllan, Spiritus Youth Services and Karen O’Donohue, In-SYNC Youth Services

Brisbane City Council and the Response to Homelessness

By the Brisbane City Council

Intensive Case Management through Homeless Outreach: Footprints in Brisbane Inc

By Carolyn Perry, Mental Health Projects Manager, Footprints in Brisbane Inc

Housed but not Forgotten

By Natasha Livings, Service Coordinator, Spiritus Anglican Women’s Hostel

Including All, Working Together: The Provision of Mental Health Care in the Homeless Sector

By Liz Fritz, Manager, Blair Athol Accommodation Support Services and Chairperson, Gold Coast Homeless Network and Hazel Bassett, Team Leader, Gold Coast Homeless Health Outreach Team, Queensland Health

Real Outcomes vs Capacity Reporting: Changing Service Approach at the Ozcare Homeless Men’s Hostel, Bundaberg

By Ozcare Queensland

The Homeless Health Outreach Team (HHOT): Inner North Brisbane Mental Health Service

By Dianne Tarrant, Acting HHOT Team Manager, INBMHS Metro North Mental Health Service

Collaboration: The Key to Successful Client Outcomes

By Ozcare Queensland

The RecLink “Transformers” Choir

By Genevieve Dingle, School of Psychology, The University of Queensland, Ben Pennings, Community Development Co-ordinator, RecLink Brisbane, Chris Brander, School of Psychology, The University of Queensland and Jolanda Jetten, School of Psychology, The University of Queensland and The University of Exeter, England

Chapter 4: Housing and Homelessness, Responses and Issues in Queensland

Benefit Recipients Reliant on Shared Accommodation

By Joanne Copp, Executive Officer, Research and Advocacy, Spiritus

Six Star: Balancing the Benefits

By Jamie Muchall, Planning and Development Coordinator, Horizon Housing Company

The Landlord’s Just Not That Into You: An Examination of ‘Just Cos’ Evictions and the Magna Carta

By Janice McDonald, Coordinator of the Tenant Advice and Advocacy Service — Brisbane Inner North

50 Lives 50 Homes: A Campaign to House and Support Brisbane’s Fifty Most Vulnerable Homeless People

By Helen Styles, Community Liaison and Business Services and Karyn Walsh, Coordinator, Micah Projects

Suburban Action: A Case Study for Family Homelessness

By Members of the South Queensland Council for Homeless Persons

“…it’s not great, but it’s home”: Notes of a Rooming Worker in Inner City Brisbane

By Liz Don, Tenant Rooming Advocate, Tenant Advice and Advocacy Service, Brisbane Inner North

Affordable Housing in the Boom

By Margaret Robertson, Tenant Advice, Mackay

Supporting Homeless Families: Housing, Education, Training and Employment

By Maureen O’Regan, Kylie Robertson and Alison Thorburn, Micah Projects

Up for Rent Program at the Women’s Centre, Townsville

By Cathy Crawford, Coordinator, the Women’s Centre

From Drawing Board to Boardroom: Interview with Eloise Atkinson

A Local Government Response to Housing Need in the Community: The Gold Coast

By Ms. Kerrie Young, Chairman, Gold Coast Housing Company, Director of Property Development Consulting Firm, Kerrie Young Property Pty Ltd

Tenancy Law and Homelessness: A Queensland Perspective on a National Issue

By Maria Tennant, Lurline Comerford, Sally Watson and Selina Toohey, Tenants’ Union of Queensland

“A real turn around”: Lynette’s Story

By Rebecca Oelkers, Business Development Manager, Brisbane Housing Company

The National Affordable Rental Scheme: Strengthening Affordable Housing Options

By Tegan Richardson, Policy Officer, Queensland Shelter

New Partnerships for Managing Growth and Affordability

By Paul Eagles, CEO, Queensland Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA) and Rebecca Oelkers, Business Development Manager, Brisbane Housing Company (BHC)

Chapter 5: Consumer and Client Voices

My Ideal Home: Perspectives of the Homeless

By Joe Hurley and Gary Penfold, West End Community House

Homelessness on the Gold Coast

Ray’s View: Being Homeless and Living within Support Systems

Even in Happy Families: A Case Study of Domestic and Family Violence


Opinion 1 – Nagging Thoughts and Damn Statistics Obscure a Homeless Free Vision?

By Adrian Pisarski, CEO, Queensland Shelter

Opinion 2 – Homelessness is Not the Sole Responsibility of Funded “Specialist Homelessness Services