July 2010

The July 2010 Leaving Care Edition

The July 2010 Leaving Care edition



New Arrival at CHP

Putting the ‘Care’ Back into the Leaving Care System

By Cheryl Baxter, Director, and Livia Carusi, Regional Manager, The Salvation Army EastCare Network

Identifying What Works and Why?

Feature: Leaving Care and Homelessness


A Policy Goal or a Policy Problem?

By Philip Mendes, Monash University and Guy Johnson, RMIT University

Chapter 1: Government Initiatives

National Standards for Out of Home Care

By Karen Wilson, Branch Manager, Children’s Policy Branch, Women’s and Children’s Group, Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

Improving Outcomes for Young People Leaving Care

By Sarah Finegan (in consultation with Children Youth and Families Division, DHS), Project Leader, Housing Support Services, Housing and Community Building, Victorian Department of Human Services

Scrambling Amongst the Silos

By Bernie Geary, Child Safety Commissioner

Chapter 2: Making Sense of Leaving Care Issues

Experiences of Homelessness by Care Leavers in Australia

By Joseph J. McDowall, Griffith University and CREATE Foundation

Housing Beyond State Care?

By Darren Lewin-Hill, Policy and Project Leader, Membership and Sector Development, Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare

Addressing the Housing Needs of Young People

Transitioning from State Out of Home Care in Rural Victoria — A Case Study of St Luke’s Anglicare in Bendigo

By Associate Professor Philip Mendes, Department of Social Work, Faculty of Medicine, Monash University

 Transition Planning: Three Policy Issues

By Guy Johnson, RMIT University and Kristin Natalier, University of Tasmania

 Nobody Knows: Young People with Disability Leaving Care

By Robyn Edwards, Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales

Care Leavers and Homelessness in England: Protective Factors Offered by Right2BCared4 and Staying Put 18+ Initiatives

By Clare Lushey, Research Associate, Centre for Child and Family Research, Loughborough University, UK and Debi Maskell-Graham, Research Assistant, Centre for Child and Family Research, Loughborough University, UK.

Post-Care Housing Pathways

By Dr Stian Thoresen, Research Associate and Dr Mark Liddiard, Senior Lecturer, Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute and School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work, Curtin University

Journeys of Exclusion: The Experiences of Young People with an Intellectual Disability Exiting Care

By Sarah MacDonald, Research Worker, Community Living Association, Inc

 Leaving Care: Numbers — People — Responses?

By Erin Ashmore, Melbourne Youth Support Service, Melbourne Citymission

 Leaving Care

By Trish McCluskey, Regional Director, Berry Street Gippsland

 Leaving Care Without Losing Care

By Nick Grainger, Anglicare

Chapter 3: Program Developments and Initiatives

 Lead Tenant Services: A Bridge to Leaving Care

By Zoe London, Christopher Craig, Ninevah Haddad, Shane McLeod and David Parker, MacKillop Family Services

Leaving Care: A Flexible and Innovative Approach to Housing

By Leah Galvin, Research and Social Policy Officer, Terry Atwood, Leaving Care Team Leader, Cate Uren, Leaving Care Support Worker, and Sue King-Smith, Leaving Care Support Worker, St Luke’s Anglicare

 The Affordable Housing for Life Project for ‘At risk’ Young People

By Pauline Robertson, Executive Manager Business and Development Strategies

Exiting the Youth Justice System: Employment and Homelessness

By Caroline Gatenby, Research and Evaluation Manager, Whitelion

The Burwood House Leaving Care Program

By Dr. Jenny Higgins, Researcher, Research and Social Policy Unit, Wesley Mission Victoria

 Chapter 4: Voices from the Coalface  

 A Way to Go

By Tracie Alborough, The Salvation Army EastCare Network

My Transition from Care

By Samantha Gilligan, The Salvation Army EastCare Network, Program Client

Miracle Workers

By Tumua I Mailei (Zac), Residential Care worker, Salvation Army EastCare

Leaving Care and Homelessness: The Interview

Conducted by Cassandra Bawden, Peer Education Support Program Project Worker

PESP Monthly Update

By Cassandra Bawden, Peer Education Support Program Project Worker


Bernie Geary OAM Child Safety Commissioner

‘Everybody knows – leaving care and homelessness’