October 2010

The October 2010 Service Integration edition cover




Senator the Hon Mark Arbib, Minister for Social Housing and Homelessness


News and Recent Developments

The Victorian Homelessness Strategy: The Lift We Need on the Long Road Home

Homelessness Australia Update October 2010

By Nicole Lawder, Chief Executive Officer

The Road Home: Progress and Lessons

A Better Place: CHP’s Response to The Victorian Homelessness 2020 Strategy

New Ticketing System Entitlement for People with Disabilities in Victoria

 Part 1: Conceptualising Systems Integration and the Response to Homelessness

Working Together to Achieve Service Integration

By the Australian Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Homelessness Implementation Branch

Service Integration: The Holy Grail for Human Services

By Rhonda Phillips, Professor Andrew Jones and Professor Brian Head

Integrating Responses to Homelessness: The Contribution of Participatory Action Research

Dr Phil Crane, Senior Lecturer, Social Work and Human Services, Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology

Closing Gaps and Opening Doors: Key Findings from the Evaluation of the Queensland Responding to Homelessness Strategy

By Assoc. Prof. Robyn Keast, Queensland University of Technology, Dr Jennifer Waterhouse, University of Newcastle, Prof. Kerry Brown, Southern Cross University, Dr Glen Murphy, Queensland University of Technology

Making Service Integration Work

By Carol Jarrett, Manager, Strategic Development, Homelessness Strategy, Strategic Programs, Department of Families and Communities, South Australia

Integrated and Personalised Services for Young People

By Sharon Bond, Research and Policy Centre, Brotherhood of St Laurence

Getting Serious About Systems Integration

By Sean Lappin, National Advisor, Homelessness and Housing, Mission Australia

Part 2: Systems and Service Integration in Practice

Diversion as an Aspect of Service Integration for Older Australians

By Shelley Mallett and Trish Westmore, Hanover Welfare Services

An Integrated Response to Homelessness in Tasmania: New Supply, New Services, New Ways of Working

By Maryanne Lewis, Senior Housing Analyst, Homelessness and Indigenous Policy, Projects and Reform, Housing Tasmania

Queensland Health Emergency Department Liaison Project

By Vivien Houston, Cezanne Ballinger, Christine Cotter, Joanne Lacey and Ann Thomsen-Ajayi

Steps Outreach Service: What We Have Learnt in Our 25 Years of Working with Young Homeless People in Melbourne

By Anne Mitchell, Manager, Steps Outreach Service

The 2010 Yarra HACC and Homelessness Service Coordination Forum

By Ruth Gordon, Principal Consultant, Resolve Community Consulting

Is the Tide Turning for Older People Threatened with Homelessness?

By Jeff Fiedler, Tenancy Advice/Policy Worker, Housing for the Aged Action Group

On the Upside

By Nada Vindis, STREAT, General Manager Social Support

PESP Monthly Update

By Cassandra Bawden, PESP Project Worker

The Parity Interviews — Consumer experiences of Service Integration

Interviewed by Cassandra Bawden, PESP Project Worker and the Peer Education Support Program (PESP)


Paul Flatau

Murdoch University and Director of the AHURI WA Research Centre