September 2010

The September 2010 National Homelessness Conference Edition Cover



Narelle Clay, Chair, Homelessness Australia, CEO, Southern Youth and Family Services Assoc Inc


In the event of… National Homeless Persons’ Week

By Aileen Solowiej, Communications, Media and Membership, Homelessness Australia

Feature: “Many Ways Home”

From Transitional Housing Models to Permanent Housing Models for Homeless People: A Paradigm Shift

By Jane Bullen, University of Technology Sydney, New South Wales

The Integration of Homelessness, Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Services in Australia

By Elizabeth Conroy and Lucy Burns, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, Paul Flatau and Anne Clear, Murdoch University

Common Ground Innovations in Australia

By the Australian Common Ground Alliance, Common Ground Adelaide, Common Ground Tasmania, HomeGround (Victoria), Micah Projects (Queensland) and the Mercy Foundation (NSW)

Experiences of Homelessness Among Adult Men in Sydney: Findings from the Michael Project Research Study

By Anne Hampshire, Tim Marchant, Kathryn Di Nicola and Karen Larsen (Mission Australia), Paul Flatau, Rebecca Roberts and Mark Spencer (Murdoch University), Lucy Burns, Elizabeth Conroy, Bridget Spicer, Robyn Edwards (UNSW)

The Human Rights Based Response to Homelessness: Developments since the Release of the White Paper

By James Farrell, Manager, Principal Lawyer, PILCH Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic

It Could Be You: Female, Single, Older and Homeless

By Ludo McFerran, with assistance from Sonia Laverty

What Would it Take to Have an Effective Aboriginal Tenancy Support Service?

By Anna Paris, Ruah Community Services and Dr Paul Flatau, Murdoch University WA

Supporting Children Made Homeless by Family Violence

By Dr Angela Spinney, ISR, Swanbourne University

The Wicking Project Outcomes: Supporting Older People Living with Alcohol Related Brain Injury

By Alice Rota-Bartelink, Research Manager, Wintringham

Every Home: A Safe Refuge from Violence

By Robyn Edwards, Social Policy Research Centre

Enhancing Social Inclusion Through Community Embedded, Socially Supported University Education: The Catalyst-Clemente Program

By Alicia Baukis, Murdoch University, Jude Butcher, Australian Catholic University, Jonathan Campton, St Vincent de Paul Society, Brenda Cherednichenko, Edith Cowan University, Paul Flatau, Murdoch University, Gillian French, Mission Australia, Anne Hampshire, Mission Australia, Peter Howard, Australian Catholic University, Tim Marchant, Mission Australia, Sherry Saggers, Curtin University, and Youssef Taouk, Australian Catholic University

Making the Invisible Visible, The Sydney Women’s Homelessness Alliance: A Starting Point for Change

By Lara Sabbadin, Homelessness NSW

Responding to Children: Findings from a National Survey of Specialist Homelessness Services

By Kylie Morphett and Christine Gibson, The Australian Centre for Child Protection, University of South Australia

Mixed Messages: Anti-Social Behaviour and Public Housing

By Chris Povey, Senior Lawyer, PILCH Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic, Victoria

The Homeless Persons’ Legal Service Solicitor Advocate: Ensuring Effective Representation

By Julie Hourigan Ruse, HPLS Coordinator

Reframing Family Homelessness: A Citizenship Approach

By Angela Spinney and Kath Hulse, ISR, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne and Violet Kolar, Hanover Welfare Services

Transition Beds: For When the Time is Right?

By Pamela Shepherd, Community Liaison Team, Royal Adelaide Hospital

A New Way Forward for an Aboriginal Women’s Homelessness Service — Strengthening Service Linkages and Collaboration

By Anna Paris, Ruah Community Services

A Fine Outcome: Work and Development Orders

By Julie Hourigan Ruse, Coordinator, Homeless Persons’ Legal Service, NSW

Delivering Services and Improving Systems: The Call this a Home? Campaign Case Study

By Gerald Frape, Social Cause Communication Consultant, Daniel Scoullar, Communications Manager, HomeGround Services, Anne Tuohey, Research and Policy Coordinator, St Vincent de Paul Aged Care and Community Services

Intergenerational Homelessness and Lifetime Experiences of Homelessness in Australia: Evidence for the Need for Early Interventions

By Paul Flatau and Mark Spencer (Murdoch University), Tony Eardley, Robyn Edwards, Elizabeth Conroy and Catherine Spooner (University of New South Wales), Catherine Forbes (Monash University)

The Sum of Us — Our Journey Providing Homeless Healthcare

Sally Millinship, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney

Safe at Home in Victoria: Examining the First Six Months of Preventing Homelessness among Women and Children Experiencing Family Violence

By Alison Macdonald, Policy Officer, Domestic Violence Victoria (DV Vic)