The June 2011 Preventing Elderly Homelessness edition

Preventing Elderly Homelessness


Editorial — The Elderly Homeless Get a Win

Bryan Lipmann AM, CEO, Wintringham


Homelessness Australia — June 2011 Update

By Nicole Lawder, Chief Executive Officer

Section 1: Policy Perspectives

Policy Priorities to Prevent and End Homelessness

By the Council for Homeless Persons Australia

Older Homeless People: The Gap People

By Lynne Evans, CEO and Sally Kingdon-Barbosa, St Bartholomew’s House

Aging, Elder Abuse and Homelessness

By Margaret Steel, Lawyer, Seniors Rights Legal Clinic, Public Interest Law Clearing House (Vic) Inc*

The Not so Golden Years: Responding to Homelessness Among Older Australians

By Travis Gilbert, Policy and Research Officer, Homelessness Australia

Section 2: The ACHA Program

The ACHA Program: Assisting in the Prevention of Elderly Homelessness

By Glen Atkins, ACHA Coordinator, Paul Williams, ACHA Coordinator and Bernadette King, Senior Coordinator, Homelessness, Mental Health and Disability Services, Catholic Community Services


How the Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged (ACHA) Program Prevents Homelessness Amongst the Frail, Aged

By Elaine Smith, ACHA Outreach, Wintringham

Section 3: Housing

Older Renters in the Private Rental Market: Issues and Possible Solutions

By Alan Morris, School of Social Sciences and International Studies, University of New South Wales

Better Services and Housing Outcomes: A New Lease on Life for Older People

By Jeff Fiedler, Tenancy Advice/Policy Worker, Housing for the Aged Action Group Inc

Housing for Older Australians: Affordable, Well-located and Suitable?

By Barbara Squires, Sarah Fogg and Marianne Doherty, The Benevolent Society, Sydney, NSW

Service Models for Older Homeless Women

By Annabel Senior, Director, Regional Services, Homelessness, Mental Health and Disability, Catholic Community Services

Residential Park Rent Increases: The Road to Homelessness

By Dianna Evans, Co-ordinator, Park and Village Service, Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association of NSW

Deckchairs on the Iceberg

By Kate Incerti, Team Leader, Housing and Homelessness Services, The City of Port Phillip

Housing Older People in Victoria: New Partnership and Tested Models Needed for Challenging Times

By Joseph Connellan, Director, MC Two Pty Ltd

Section 4: Health and Mental Health Issues

Integrating Aged Care and Homelessness Services through CACP: Benefits and Barriers Experienced by Ozanam Community Centre

By Doug Harding, Acting Team Leader, Ozanam Community Centre

The Voice of Experience: The Development of Consumer Participation Strategies for Older People Experiencing Mental Health Problems

By Chris Hartley and Ka Ki Ng, NSW Consumer Advisory Group, Mental Health Inc

Premature Ageing and Homelessness

By Alice Rota-Bartelink, Wintringham

Old Age Comes at a Bad Time

By Gabrielle Nunan, Case Manager, Community Connections Program, Merri Outreach Support Service

Section 5: Responding to Squalor

Preventing Progression from Squalor to Homelessness

By John Snowdon, Old Age Psychiatrist, Concord Hospital and University of Sydney

Older People, Their Living Conditions and Homelessness

By Leonie Miller, Service Manager, Catholic Community Services, Central Coast, Hunter and Mid North Coast

Section 6: Overseas Experience and Models

Elderly Homeless in the UK: Lessons from Abroad

By Tina Magennis, Director, Strategic Innovation and Research, Catholic Community Services

Preventing Homelessness Among Older People in England

By Maureen Crane, Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King’s College London and Tony Warne, Sheffield Institute for Studies on Ageing, University of Sheffield

Section 6: Interviews

“God Bless All of Them”

Interviews by Allan Martin, Peer Education Support Program Graduate

Section 7: Opinions

John Blewonski — A Society that Cares About Our Older People Living on the Edge

Chief Executive Officer, VincentCare

Annabel Senior

Director, Regional Services, Homelessness, Mental Health and Disability, Catholic Community Services