August 2018 Issue: Issues of Substance: Substance Abuse and Homelessness

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Jenny Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Council to Homeless Persons


Specialist Homelessness Services Clients with Problematic Drug and/or Alcohol Use

Amelia Armstrong, Housing and Homelessness Reporting and Development Unit, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare



Feature — Issues of Substance: Substance Dependency and Homelessness

AOD, Homelessness, Stigma and Comorbidity

David Taylor, Policy and Media Officer and Sam Biondo, Executive Officer, VAADA


We Live in an Integrated World: The Potential for Better Integration Between Alcohol and Other Drugs Treatment and Specialist Housing Services

Sean Popovich, Treatment Services Support Manager, QNADA


Homelessness Among Substance Use Treatment-Seekers: Insights from the Patient Pathways National Project

Joshua B. G. Garfield and Victoria Manning, Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre


Making Connexions: Building Relationships to Support Young People Experiencing Unstable Housing and Substance Misuse

Julia Carroll, Coordinator, Connexions Program, Jesuit Social Services


Continuing Coordinated Care Program: Providing Continuing Care and Wraparound Support to People Experiencing Alcohol and Other Drug Issues and Complex Needs

Michelle Ridley, Clinical Consultant, Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies (NADA)


After the Homeless and Drug Dependency Program: Responding to People Experiencing Homelessness and Alcohol or Other Drug issues at Flagstaff Accommodation following the Recommissioning of the Treatment System in Victoria

Jane Barnes, General Manager, The Salvation Army Adult Services Network


Better Together: Hutt St Centre Community Partnerships Fighting Hepatitis C and Winning


The Relationship Between Substance Misuse, Mental Health and Homelessness

Nigel Pernu, Council to Homeless Persons PESP Member


Ground-breaking Program Houses 60 per cent of Participants in First Year

Sacred Heart Mission


Lou’s Place: Providing a Unique Framework of Services to Support Women with Multiple Needs, Including Homelessness and Alcohol and Other Drug Issues

Nicole Yade, General Manager, Lou’s Place and Michelle Ridley, Clinical Consultant, NADA




Sally Parnell

Executive Director, Programs, Jesuit Social Services


Kathryn Wright

Territorial AOD Director, Territorial AOD Unit, The Salvation Army, Australia Southern Territory


Travis Gilbert

Executive Officer, ACT Shelter


Sam Biondo

Executive Officer, Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association (VAADA)