The July 2013 “Public and Community Housing: Survival and Sustainability” Edition

Cover July Parity HousingWorks

Contents: July Parity/Housing Works

Homelessness Australia Update, Lynne Evans, Acting CEO, Homelessness Australia

Editorial — Council to Homeless Persons, Jenny Smith, CEO Council to Homeless Persons

Editorial — Australasian Housing Institute, Dr Tony Gilmour, President, Australasian Housing Institute


A Big Win for the Homeless in Aged Care

Why Do We Need Evidence Review?, Matthew Lovering, Writer and Analyst, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute

Pathways to Policy

Survival, But What About the Outcomes?, Mark O’Brien, CEO, Tenants Union of Victoria

Affordable Housing in a Multiverse or: Pisarski’s broken record, Adrian Pisarski, CEO Queensland Shelter, Chair National Shelter

Social Housing Nine Years On: Is There a Future?, John Endicott, General Manager, St Kilda Community Housing Ltd

The Policy of Stock Transfer, Ian Gough, Manager Consumer Services, Council to Homeless Persons

Building a Financially Secure Future: Integrating Employment Programs into the Homelessness and Social Housing Sector, Tony Clarke, Manager, Glenroy Community Hub, VincentCare Victoria

Transferring Public Housing to the Not-for-Profit Sector, Matthew Lovering, Writer and Analyst, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute

Getting the Connections Right: Housing, Homelessness and Disability, Philip Fagan-Schmidt, Director of Housing SA

Killing with Kindness, Greg Budworth, CEO and Executive Director of Compass Housing Services

A New Zealand Review: Housing in the Headlights, Stephen Olsen

The Role and Future of Community Housing

The Future of Community Housing, Eddy Bourke, Policy Officer, Community Housing Federation of Australia (CHFA)

Growth and Consolidation: Developing a Community Housing Strategy for Western Australia, Barry Doyle, Executive Officer, Community Housing Coalition of WA

The National Regulatory System for Community Housing: A Platform for Growth, Mark Francis, Chair, Registrars’ Forum and Jennifer Manley, Office of the Registrar, Queensland

Building a Viable Multi-provider System, Scott Langford, General Manager, Junction Housing and Chairman of PowerHousing Australia

Sustaining Social Housing: Is Stock Transfer the Answer?, Dr Tony Gilmour, CEO Housing Action Network and AHI President

Not-for-Profit Affordable Housing Providers: All Dressed Up and Ready for a Bigger Role, Vivienne Milligan from the City Futures Research Centre, the University of New South Wales

Sustaining Social Housing, Support: The Key to Social Housing Sustainability, Heather Holst, CEO HomeGround Services,

Tenants’ Views on Housing and Support, Jon Eastgate, 99 Consulting

Tenants of Community Housing: Rights or Rental?, By Michael Smith, Client Services Manager at Housing Choices Australia

Reforming the Western Australia Disruptive Behaviour Management Strategy, Chantal Roberts, CEO Shelter WA

Consumer Voices — Living, Surviving and Sustaining Public Housing

Willie Road: A Place-Based Pilot for Change on Walk-Up Estates, Tullia Gilarry and Maggie Mildenhall, Port Phillip Community Group

Working Together: Participatory Approaches to Community Development in Social Housing Neighbourhoods, Alexandra Young, Eileen Baldry, Susan Goodwin, Jude Irwin, Alison Wannan, Maxine Ryan, Cherie Toivonen and Thor Blomfield

Policies for Sustainable Public Housing, Mark Feenane, Manager, Victorian Public Tenants Association and Margaret Guthrie, Chairperson, Victorian Public Tenants Association

Tribunal Review of Housing Decisions: A simple Change for Better Decisions, Fairer Processes and Less Cost, Carl Freer, Litigation Solicitor, Tenants’ Union of NSW Co-op Ltd

Opinion, Professor Terry Burke, Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University