The August “Preventing Homelessness” Edition of Parity

Cover August Parity


Foreword, Julie Collins, Minister for Housing and Homelessness, Minister for Community Services, Minister for the Status of Women, Minister for Indigenous Employment and Economic Development

Editorial, Jenny Smith, CEO, Council to Homeless Persons

Homelessness Australia Update, Lynne Evans, Acting CEO, Homelessness Australia


Homeless Persons Week

Preventing Recurring Homelessness One Registration at a Time, Catherine Beadnell, Communications Manager, HomeGround Services

Feature: Preventing Homelessness

Introduction, Gary Moore and Jennie Burrows, Homelessness NSW

Homelessness at the Intersection of Needs and Services, Alec Sewell, PhD Candidate, Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales

Where Does Homelessness Risk Start?, Chloe Persing, Manager HomeConnect, VincentCare Victoria

Stopping Violence Before it Occurs: Responding to the Pathways into Gendered Homelessness, Julie Oberin and Trishima Mitra-Kahn, Australian Women Against Violence Alliance (AWAVA)*

Queensland’s Homelessness Community Action Plans, Partnerships in Prevention, Ruth Toomey, Manager Homeless Planning Coordination Unit, QCOSS

Next Steps: Young People, Homelessness and the Justice System, Belinda Mignot, Coordinator Housing Support, Brosnan Service, Jesuit Social Services

Homelessness is More Than Just a Home, Bernadette King, Senior Coordinator, Homelessness, Mental Health and Disability Services, Catholic Community Services, Catholic Healthcare

STAR Housing: Sustaining Tenancies to Prevent Homelessness, Celia Adams, CEO Rural Housing Network Limited

Prisons: a Cruel and Costly Response to Homelessness, Chantelle Higgs, Centre for the Human Rights of Imprisoned People (CHRIP) and Crystal McKinnon, Flat Out Management Collective Board Member

The Art of Social Inclusion, Gail Marie Hart, Social Inclusion Therapist, Sacred Heart Mission

Home at Last: Time for Action on Housing Services and Options for Older People, Jeff Fiedler, Manager, Education and Housing Advice, Housing for the Aged Action Group

Better Housing Outcomes: Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged (ACHA) Program, Linda Kopans, ACHA Housing Support, Wintringham

Prevention and Early Intervention: Lessons from the NSW Homelessness Action Plan Evaluation Strategy, Caitlin McDowell, Senior Policy Officer, Homelessness Policy and Programs, Department of Family and Community Services, Housing NSW 

Early Intervention and Prevention — Consumer Voices

Beyond Overwhelmed: Supporting the Delivery of Services to People Affected by Hoarding and Squalor Through Workforce Development, Sue Cripps, Director, Homelessness, Mental Health and Disability, Catholic Community Services NSW/ACT

Investing in Youth Employment, Jessica Fielding, Policy Officer, Yfoundations

Homelessness Prevention, Digby Hughes, Policy Officer, Homelessness News South Wales (NSW)

The Milky Way: From Theatre Workshops to Employment Opportunities, Zoe Hogan


Gary Moore, CEO, Homelessness NSW

James Toomey, Acting Practice Lead, Community Services, Mission Australia, New South Wales