The October 2013 ‘Local Government and Homelessness’ edition of Parity

Cover October Edition of Parity 2013



Jenny Smith, CEO, Council to Homeless Persons

Homelessness Australia Update

Glenda Stevens, CEO, Homelessness Australia (HA)

Feature: Local Government and Homelessness


Ruth Gordon, Principal Consultant, Resolve Community Consulting and Christine Black, Black Ink Writing and Consulting

Section One: An Overview

Local Government and Homelessness in Australia:

Understanding the Big Picture

Andrew Beer and Felicity Prance, Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning, The University of Adelaide

Working Together in a Challenging Environment

Toby Archer, Director Policy, Victorian Local Governance Association

Section Two: Frameworks for Local Government Work and Action

City of Melbourne Homelessness Strategies 2009 to 2013: Reflections on the Journey

Nanette Mitchell, Senior Social Planner — Homelessness, Community, Safety and Wellbeing, City of Melbourne

Is There Really a Role for Local Government in Responding to Homelessness? or isn’t this a job for homeless specialists… State Government… Federal Government?

Kate Incerti, Team Leader Housing and Homelessness Services, City of Port Phillip

Homelessness and Public Space in Sydney: Moving Beyond Management

Joanna Wall, Acting Manager Homelessness Unit

The City of Greater Geelong’s Approach to Homelessness

Jane Wager, Coordinator, Community Development, City of Greater Geelong

Developing a Council Protocol for Responding to Rough Sleeping

Anne Barton, Policy Advisor, Housing and Homelessness, Yarra City Council

You Can Have a Roof Over Your Head and be Homeless:

…a more personal account from local government

Anne Gartner, Senior Housing Strategist, Community Development and Social Policy Unit, Moreland City Council

Section Three: Local Government and Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing and Homelessness: The Link for Local Government

Felicity Prance and Andrew Beer, Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning, The University of Adelaide

Planning and Advocating for a Home for Everybody

Sarah Davis, Social Policy Officer, Brimbank City Council

Local Government and Affordable Housing: Leadership is Fundamental

Dr Andrea Sharam is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Research, Swinburne University

Homelessness Amongst Housing Development: The Experiences of a Growth Area Council in Responding to Homelessness

Caroline Dickson, Senior Strategic Planner, City of Casey

Developing an Affordable Housing Strategy in Baw Baw Shire

Richard Williams, Research Fellow, McCaughey VicHealth Centre for Community Wellbeing, University of Melbourne

Section Four: Rooming Houses

‘Creating a ‘toe hold’ for Local Government in Victoria to Develop a Wider Response to Homelessness

Prepared by the Melbourne Metropolitan Rooming House Working Group

The State of Rooming House Reform in Victoria?

Trish Westmore

Section Six: Consumer and Overseas Perspectives

Consumer Voices — Homelessness and Local Government

Consumer Voices is a regular feature in Parity. Articles are written by and with consumers to ensure they have a say about the issues that directly affect them.

Collaborative Approaches to Addressing Homelessness in Canada: Value and Challenge in the Community Advisory Board Model

Rebecca Schiff, Assistant Professor, Community Health and Humanities, Faculty of Medicine and Labrador Institute, Memorial University of Newfoundland