The September ‘Reforming Homelessness Services’ edition of Parity

Cover September Parity



Jenny Smith, CEO, Council to Homeless Persons

Homelessness Australia Update

Lynne Evans, Acting CEO, Homelessness Australia


Dr Jane Bullen, Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales

Section One: Issues in Reform

Directions for Homelessness Service System Reform

Liz Forsyth, Partner, Sector Lead: Health, Ageing and Human Services, KPMG and Amity Durham, Director, Health and Human Services, KPMG

‘Chipping away’ at ‘Churning’ and Recycling!: Homelessness Sector Reform?

Dr. Rodney Fopp, University of South Australia

A Better Future for Young People Leaving Care

Phil Crane, Judith Burton and Jatinder Kaur

The Importance of Employment Participation to Homelessness Reform

Tracey Swadling, Regional Manager, Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria and Mark Heeney, Coordinator, Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria

Consumer Voices — Homelessness Service System Reform

Section Two: New South Wales

Going Home Staying Home

Dale King interviews Mike Allen, Chief Executive of Housing New South Wales

Introduction to the Specialist Homelessness Services Tender Flowchart

Why Homelessness Sector Reform? An Assessment of the Case for Reform

Put by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services

Vanessa Whittington and Director of Policy and Jessica Fielding, Policy Officer, Yfoundations

Reform 101: Aiming for Better Specialist Homelessness Services?

Digby Hughes, Policy and Research Officer, Homelessness NSW

Evaluation of Two Pilot Projects Aiming to Prevent Homelessness in People Leaving Prison

Margaret Scott, WestWood Spice Consulting

Section Three: Victoria

Moving From What to How: The Key Service Elements for Ending Homelessness

Bethany Johnson, Capacity Building and Policy Officer and Sarah Toohey, Manager Policy and Communications, Council to Homeless Persons

Specialist Homelessness Services: Provider of Last Resort or First Critical Point of Engagement?

Paul Zanatta, Executive Manager Social Policy and Research and Doug Harding, Senior Practitioner Health and Ageing, VincentCare Victoria

Service Sector Reform: Making the Right Changes in Reform-Rich Times

David Stanford, Sector Reform Project Manager, Victorian Council of Social Services

Domestic Violence Victoria Rising to the Case for Change

Jacinta Masters, Sector Development Officer, Domestic Violence Victoria

Embracing Change: Sector Reform as an Enabler for Innovation

Ric Holland, Chief Executive Officer, Melbourne City Mission

Some Thoughts on Homelessness Service Reform in Victoria

Dr Heather Holst, CEO, HomeGround Services

Section Four: South Australia

Homeless to Home: South Australia’s Homelessness Strategy

Housing SA

South Australian Homelessness Service Reforms: The Road to Success

Jeanne Allegro, Social Ventures Australia Consulting, with the South Australian Homelessness Strategy Group and the SA Department for Community and Social Inclusion

Section Five: Tasmania

Housing Connect Tasmania: From Collaborative Proposal to Cooperative Practice

Jed Donoghue, Stream Manager, Housing and Homeless Services,

The Salvation Army, Australia Southern Territory

Section Six: Western Australia

Improving Homeless Services in Western Australia

By Chantal Roberts, Executive Officer, Shelter WA

Section Seven: Queensland

Yesterday’s Solution is Today’s Challenge

The Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works


John Blewonski

CEO VincentCare Victoria