The August Ending Long-Term Homelessness edition

Ending Long-Term Homelessness


Editorial: Ending Long-term homelessness

Jenny Smith, CEO, Council to Homeless Persons


Homelessness Australia Update

By Travis Gilbert, Policy and Research Officer, Homelessness Australia (HA)

Feature: In for the Long Haul: Ending Long-term Homelessness

Reflections on an Innovative Project for Ending Long-term Homelessness

By John Daley, CEO, Grattan Institute, Chair, Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) Steering Group

Sacred Heart Mission’s J2SI Program: What We Have Learned about Delivering Services to People Who are Long-term Homeless?

By Sue Grigg, J2SI Manager

Journey to Social Inclusion: A Reflection of One Approach to Delivering Trauma Informed Case Management within the Homelessness Sector

By Julia Derham and Michelle Francis, Intensive Assistance and Co-ordination Case Managers, Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI)

More than a Roof Over One’s Head: Ending Long-term Homelessness

By Travis Gilbert, Policy and Research Officer, Homelessness Australia

Working with Andrei: The Matthew Talbot Hostel and the Inner City Intergraded Services

By Brett Macklin, Operations Manager, Men’s Services, Lee Edwards and Greg McKittrick, Inner City Intergraded Services Case Managers, Matthew Talbot Homeless Services, St Vincent de Paul Society

Evaluation of the Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) Pilot Program: Preliminary 24-Month Outcomes

By Guy Johnson, Senior Research Fellow, RMIT University

Support Interventions Addressing Long-term Homelessness in Outer Western Sydney

By Stephanie Brennan, Wentworth Community Housing and Project 40 Consortium

Long-term Homelessness and Social Inclusion

By Suzi James-Nevell, Building Up and Developing Skills Coordinator, Journey to Social Inclusion

Long-term Homelessness, Long-term Trauma

By Catherine Robinson, Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology Sydney

Ending Long-Term Homelessness? Why a Politicised Trauma Informed Care Response is Needed

By Leticia Funston, Social Work, Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney

Rough Sleepers in Parramatta: From Street to Home

By Gabrielle Drake, Hazel Blunden and Michael Darcy, University of Western Sydney

The Melbourne Street to Home Experience: Lessons for Long-term homelessness

By Sally Regan, Southern Manager, HomeGround Services

Journey to Social Inclusion: Writing a New Story

By Nicola Wylie, Journey to Social Inclusion Project Officer

90 Homes for 90 Lives: The Woolloomooloo Project

By Doug Taylor, CEO, United Way Australia

The Housing First model

Getting In and Getting Out

By Brian Moorshead, CHP, PESP Team Member


Cathy Humphrey

CEO, Sacred Heart Mission