The December Responding to Homelessness in Western Australia edition

Responding to Homelessness in Western Australia



Hon. Robyn McSweeney MLC Minister for Child Protection; Community Services; Seniors and Volunteering; Women’s Interests; Youth


Jenny Smith, CEO, Council to Homeless Persons


By Robyn Martin, School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work, Curtin University, Chantal Roberts, Executive Officer, Shelter WA and Paul Flatau, Director of the AHURI Research Centre, University of Western Australia and Director of the UWA Business School Centre for Social Impact

Cover: Rusty Peters and the Warmun Arts Centre

Alana Hunt, Assistant Manager and Curator, Warmun Art Centre

Chapter 1: The Policy Framework

A Brief History of the Western Australian Homelessness Service System Pre-1985 to 2012

By Genevieve Errey, Acting Director, Affordable and Social Housing System, Department of Housing WA and Helen Miskell Manager, Non-Government Funding — Homelessness

The Western Australian State and Regional Homelessness Plans

By Sandra Flanagan, Senior Project Officer, Department for Child Protection WA

Commonwealth Government Homelessness Programs in Western Australia

By the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

Where do I Fit In: The NPAH So Far

By Nikki Bollard, Project Manager, NPAH Implementation, Department of Housing WA

The Impact of State Government Initiatives on Homelessness in Western Australia

By Andrew Hogan, Chief Executive Officer, St Bartholomew’s House Inc.

Chapter 2: Program Service and Practice Responses

The Street to Home Program

By Stacey Collins, Manager, Non-Goverment Funding — Homelessness, Department for Child Protection WA

‘A Good Life’

By Nina Crosland, Manager, Homeless and Transitional Support Service,St Bartholomew’s House

Perth Registry Week 2012: Challenges, Collaboration and Looking Forward

By Ros Mulley, Executive Manager, Ruah Community Services

Community Supported Residential Units: Working in Partnership

By Linda Borrison, Manager, Mental Health Support Services, St Bartholomew’s House

A Partnership to Assist People with Alcohol and Drug Issues Secure Independent Accommodation

By Dace Tomsons, Manager, Client Services and Development (South) Drug and Alcohol Office, Department of Health WA

The Journey to Lime Street: Creating Partnerships that Work

By Lynne Evans, Former CEO, St Bartholomew’s House and Nina Crosland, Manager, Homeless and Transitional Support Service, St Bartholomew’s House

Police and Registry Week Perth, WA 2012

By Senior Sergeant Dave Hooper, Perth Police Station, WA

Making Ends Meet

By Priscilla Wheatcroft, Coordinator, Private Housing Services, Anglicare Western Australia

What Does the Future Hold?

By Peta Nordberg, Acting Operations Manager, Mission Australia, Western Australia

Registry Week Volunteer Perspective

Compiled by Ros Mulley, Executive Manager, Ruah Community Services

The Mobile Clinical Outreach Team: Assertive Mental Health Outreach on the Street

By Russell Oliver, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Mobile Clinical Outreach Team, Street to Home Program

Collaboration for Positive Health Outcomes

By Julie Fereday, Learning Portfolio Manager Health, Central Institute of Technology, Mt Lawley Campus


At Vincentcare No Situation is Hopeless

By Lucinda Ardagh, Manager, Public Relations and Fundraising, St Vincent de Paul Society (WA) Inc.


Homelessness Hub: Integrating Services at UnitingCare West’s Inner City Centre

By Jodie Smyth, Manager Accommodation and Support Services, UnitingCare West


The Uniting Care West Homeless Response During the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

By Sue Ash, CEO, Uniting Care West


Tom Fisher House: Can Architecture be Responsive to Homeless Service Delivery?

By Stephen Hicks, Architect, CODA Architecture and Urban Design



Chapter 3: Key Themes in the Response to Homelessness in Western Australia


A: Responding to Domestic and Family Violence


Having the Violence Leave: A Choice or a Right?

By Angela Hartwig, Women’s Council for Domestic and Family Violence Services and Donna Chung, University of Western Australia


The Safe at Home Program: Keeping Women and Children Safely Housed

By Stacey Collins, Manager, Non-Goverment Funding — Homelessness, Department for Child Protection WA


Ruah Safe at Home Program: Staying Housed and Safe

By Clare Brady, Senior Manager, Ruah Community Services


Domestic Violence Service System Project: ‘Working together for better Integration’

By Stacey Collins, Manager, Non-Goverment Funding — Homelessness, Department for Child Protection WA


The NEST: A Safe Place to Start

By Emma Nelson, Youth Futures, WA


Stepping Through the Door: First Steps Towards a Fully Integrated Homelessness Response in Western Australia

By Karoline Jamieson, Operations Manager Family Services, Communicare Inc.


Safe at Home: Working to Prevent Homelessness

By Anne Moore, Executive Officer, The Lucy Saw Centre Association Inc, The Centre for the Prevention and Intervention of Domestic and Family Violence



B: Housing


The Changing Face of Homelessness in Perth, Western Australia

By Michael Beard, Community Housing Coalition of WA


The Anglicare Western Australia Tenancy Support Program: Early Identification Intervention and Tenancy Preservation

By Liz Kerry, Anglicare WA


Disruptive Behaviour Management Strategy

By Scott Campbell, Manager, Housing Policy, Department of Housing WA


Housing Co-operatives: An Affordable Option

By Gary Robins, Co-ordinator, Federation of Housing Collectives WA


Precarious Housing for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse and Aboriginal Households

By Dr. Shae Garwood, Shelter WA


Helping Clients to get a Private Rental: The Challenges and Pitfalls

By Steve Thrussell and Tania Hennah, MercyCare


Affordable Housing for Life: A New Beginning for Vulnerable Youth in Our Community

By Frank Strever, Manager of Affordable Housing, MercyCare


From Renting to Homelessness: Challenges in the Western Australian Rental Market and the Risk of Homelessness

By Stephanie Bachman, Shelter WA



C: Responding to Indigenous Homelessness


Perth Metropolitan Homeless Response Workshop: Developing a Coordinated Approach Among Local Governments, Law Enforcement, Government Agencies and Service Providers

By Dr. Shae Garwood, Shelter WA


Responding to Homelessness Kimberley Style

By Michael King, Manager, Centacare Kimberley


Indigenous Visitors Accommodation

By Maxine Chi, Principal Policy Officer, Department of Housing WA


Aboriginal Women Released from Prison to Homelessness

By Kathy Mokaraka and Sally Scott, Women’s Support Service, Ruah Community Services


My Tenancy My Home: A Collaborative Approach to Managing Tenancies in Western Australia’s Remote Aboriginal Communities

By Monique Berkhout, Manager, Aboriginal Housing Policy, Department of Housing WA

D: Responding Young People Experiencing Homelessness

Reflections on the Response to Youth Housing and Homelessness in Western Australia

By Chantal Roberts, Executive Officer, Shelter WA

Assisting Homeless and at Risk Young People in Broome

By Sarah Sihlen and Danielle Roberts, Burdekin Youth in Action, Broome

Experiences of Homelessness for Young Care Leavers

By Katherine Browne and Amber Hall, WA CREATE Foundation

The Foyer Deal: Conditionality as Part of the Foyer Model

By Jethro Sercombe, Manager, Foyer Project, Anglicare WA

Early Intervention to Homelessness: Reconnect, an Innovative Approach

By Steve Thrussell and MercyCare Reconnect Staff

E: The Law

Thinking About the Problem Rather than the Procedure: Effectiveness of Court Fines and Infringements to Reduce Offending Conduct of the Homeless

By Ann-Margaret Walsh, Principal Solicitor and Kate Novelli, Volunteer Paralegal, Street Law Centre


Chantal Roberts

Executive Officer, Shelter WA