The July Consumer Participation in the Response to Homelesness edition

Consumer Participation



Jenny Smith, CEO, Council to Homeless Persons


Homelessness Australia Update

By Travis Gilbert, Policy and Research Officer

Home Truths Art Exhibition

Forum on the Future of Social Housing

By Mandy Leveratt, Manager, Quality and Service, St Kilda Community Housing

Feature: Consumer and Client Participation in the Response to Homelessness

Introduction – Consumers: The Real Experts on Homelessness

By Christine Black

In My Opinion

By Mary Sullivan, Member, Street Care, the Homeless Persons’ Legal Service (HPLS) Consumer Advisory Committee

Participation Through Volunteering

By Doug Harding, Team Leader, Ozanam Community Centre

Consumer Participation and the Need for Reflexivity

By Phoebe Peterson

HomeGround Services and Client Participation

By George Hatvani, Service Development and Research Manager, Sue Kimberley, Service Development Coordinator and Daniel Scoular, Communications Manager, HomeGround Services, with contributions by Sally Jope and Mark Planigale

Twenty Tasmanian Stories

By Anita Pryor, Anglicare Tasmania, Social Action and Research Centre

If I were part of a Ministerial Advisory Committee on Consumer Participation…

By Spike

Reforming Mental Health Care in the People’s Direction: The Power of Consumer Participation in Achieving Systemic Change

By Ka Ki Ng, Senior Policy Officer, New South Wales Consumer Advisory Group— Mental Health Inc.

The Sacred Heart Client Representative Group (CRG)

By Chris Middendorp, Manager, Sacred Heart Central

Feeling Empowered Whilst In Crisis!

By Vicky Vacondios

‘When you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there’ Does Politically Motivated Research Contribute to Unethical Research Practices?

By Natalie Greenland and Alice Clark, Shelter SA

A Meaningful Life

By Allan Eric Martin, Peer Education Support Program Graduate

Stories are the Asset

By Sarah Gover, Community Development Officer, Gippsland Diocese

The Peer Education Support Program and Consumer Participation

By Cassandra Bawden, CHP PESP Team Leader, The Peer Education Support Program (PESP)

My Experience as a PESP Team Member

By Peter Burns

Housing Security: Views of Women Leaving Prison

By Brenda Bailey, Director, Women in Prison Advocacy Network (WIPAN) Board, Executive Committee

The Beating Heart

By Shane Lewis

The Importance of Youth Participation in Programs for Traumatised Homeless Young People

By Rudy Gonzalez, Director of Culture and Practice Development, Lighthouse Institute and Cheyne Bull, Residential and Community Care Manager, Lighthouse Foundation

Consumer and Client Participation in Developing Homelessness Policy and Staff Awareness in Local Government

By Kate Incerti, Team Leader, Housing and Homelessness Services, City of Port Phillip

In Camera: A Creative Approach to Recovery

By Renae Fomiatti, Community Development Worker, Vincentcare

A Long Way From ‘No fixed abode’

By David Croft

All Voices to be Heard: Consumer Participation in Local Government

By Anne Barton, Community Planner, Housing, Yarra City Council

Council to Homeless Persons Consumer Programs


Ian Gough

Manager Consumer Services CHP