The May 2012 Policing Homelessness edition

Policing Homelessness



Jenny Smith, CEO Council to Homeless Persons

Policing Homelessness

By Anne Coleman, Senior Lecturer in the School of Sociology and Social Work, University of Tasmania and James Farrell, Lecturer, School of Law, Deakin University

Chapter 1: The Thin Blue Line: Police as the Front Line Response to Homelessness

Blue Line/Front line: Police as a De Facto Response to Homelessness

By Anne Coleman, School of Sociology and Social Work, University of Tasmania

Policing the Homeless: Analysing the Role of Custodians of the State

By Dr Rodney Fopp, University of South Australia

Chapter 2: Homelessness, Policing and the Law

Moving the ‘Problem’ of Homelessness: Police Powers in Public Spaces

By James Farrell, Deakin University

Homelessness in Alice Springs and a Law and Order Approach

By Rebecca Goddard and Kate Csillag, Tangentyere Inc and David Havecroft, Northern Territory Shelter

A Glass Half Empty: Perspectives on Criminalising Homelessness and Alcohol Dependence

By Lucy Adams, Senior Lawyer, PILCH Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic

Homelessness and Fine Debt

By Emily Muir, Jamie Alford and Grace Stubee, Youth Justice Coalition

Homelessness and Criminalisation: The Dangerous Intersections of Gender, Race and Class

By Barton and Emma Russell

Homelessness, Newly Arrived Australians and Police

By Tamar Hopkins, the Principal Solicitor of the Flemington and Kensington Community Legal Centre

One Decade On: Fines, Infringements and Homelessness continued…

By Lucy Adams, Senior Lawyer, PILCH Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic

Tenancy, ‘Criminality’ and Homelessness

By Damian Stock,Senior Lawyer, Victoria Legal Aid, Civil Justice Program

The Situation is Critical: Housing and Police

By Chris Povey, PILCH Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic, Manager and Principal Lawyer

Chapter 3: Contesting Public Space

The Nuisance of Being Homeless

By Anna Fanelli, Mitchell Shannonand Julian Pryde, The Manning St Project, University of Queensland Pro Bono Centre, The University of Queensland

The City of Melbourne Protocol for People who are Homeless in Public Places

By Nanette Mitchell, Senior Social Planner Homelessness, City of Melbourne

A Protocol for All?: Personal thoughts on the NSW Homeless Person’s Protocol

By Digby Hughes, Policy Officer, Homelessness NSW

Chapter 4: The Word From the Street

Consumer Voices

Interview conducted by Allan Martin, Consumer Advocate, Peer Education Support Program

The NSW Police Protocol: Streety’s Perspective


Young People’s Experiences of Homelessness and Policing in Melbourne

By Dr Lucinda M Jordan, Research Fellow, School of Law, Deakin University

Chapter 5: The Way Forward

Progress in Responding to Violence Against Women and Children

By Kerryn Hynam, Detective Inspector, Victoria Police Crime Department

Policing Family Violence

By Alison MacDonald, Policy Officer, DV Vic

‘Our intention is always to help’

By Cr Samantha Dunn, Shire of Yarra Ranges

‘A Way Out’

By Allan Elliott, Coordinator Independent Third Person Program Office of the Public Advocate

Beyond Appearances: Working Towards Effective Communication between Victoria Police Officers and Homeless Young People

By Tiffany Overall, Co-Director, Youthlaw


Kristen Hilton—Policing and Homelessness

Director of Victoria Legal Aid’s Civil Justice, Access and Equity Program