The November Funding the Future: National Partnership Agreements edition

The National Partnership Agreements



Jenny Smith, CEO, Council to Homeless Persons

Welcome to Sarah Toohey


Homelessness Australia: November Update

Nicole Lawder, CEO, Homelessness Australia

Feature: Funding the Future

Part 1: Funding the Future, Perspectives on the National Agreements

Background Briefing: the NAHA and NPAH at a Glance

Sarah Toohey, Manager Policy and Communications, CHP

Where to From Here?: Homeless Policy, the NAHA and NPAH

Toby Hall, CEO, Mission Australia

Where Are We?

Digby Hughes, Policy Officer, Homelessness New South Wales

Funding the Future: Affordable Housing in the 21st Century, a Seismic Shift or Sensible Economics?

Adrian Pisarski, Executive Officer, Queensland Shelter, Chair of National Shelter

Growing Social, Community and Affordable Housing

Carol Croce, Executive Director and Eddy Bourke, Policy Officer, Community Housing Federation of Australia

‘Four More Years’: The Case for a New National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH)

Travis Gilbert, Policy and Research Officer, Homelessness Australia

National Shelter Roundtables on National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA)

Emma Greenhalgh, Project Manager, National Shelter

The Need for Certainty and Long-term Commitment in Homeless Service Delivery

Noushin Arefadib and Chris Twomey, Western Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS)

Cutting Through Complexity: Understanding Homelessness and the NAHA

Chris Povey, Manager/Principal Lawyer, PILCH Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic and James Farrell, Lecturer, Deakin University School of Law

Time for a Whole Housing System Approach

Joel Pringle, Campaign Manager, Australians for Affordable Housing

Challenging Policy Rhetoric in the next NAHA

Alice Clark, Executive Director, Shelter SA

‘To boldly go where no housing agreement has gone before…’

Expanding the National Affordable Housing Agreement

Travis Gilbert, Policy and Research Officer, Homelessness Australia

Part 2: The NPAH in Practice

Directly Addressing Children’s Needs Through the NPAH: Bright Futures – Children’s Specialist Support Service — A National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness Supported Program

Michelle Atlas, Team Leader, Bright Futures Program

Does Funding the Future Mean Forgetting the South West of Western Australia?

Abby Phillis, Manager, Accommodation and Reintegration, AccordWest

STAY (let’s hope so)

Kevin Preen, State Coordinator STAY program, Centacare Tasmania

Building on Progress Made Under the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness

Karyn Walsh, CEO and Jodie Gatley, Team Leader, Innovation Research and Evaluation, Micah Projects Inc.

Going Places

Avryl Gratian, Acting State Director, Mission Australia Queensland

Blocks in the Road (map): Community Opposition to Foyer-style Accommodation

Dr Danielle Every, Research Fellow, Appleton Institute, CQ University, Adelaide and Dr Janette Hancock, Senior Manager, Organisational Development, Uniting Care Wesley, Port Adelaide


Sarah Toohey

Manager, CHP Policy and Communications Unit

The States Need to Step Up and Negotiate a New NAHA