The December 2015 “Victorian Homelessness Conference” edition




Jenny Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Council to Homeless Persons

Responding to Hoarding and Squalor

Samantha Watts, Complex Care Advisor, Hoarding and Squalor Resource Unit and Nicky Marshall, Coordinator/Trainer, Hoarding and Squalor Resource Unit Catholic Community Services

Feature: The Victorian Homelessness Conference

Opening Speech at the September 2015 Victorian Homelessness Conference

Minister Martin Foley, Victorian Government Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing, Minister for Mental Health, Minister for Creative Industries and Minister for Equality

Getting Homelessness Prevention Services to Families Who Can Benefit Most

Marybeth Shinn, Professor and Chair, Department of Human and Organisational Development, Vanderbilt University and Andrew L. Greer, Quantitative Social Research, Vanderbilt University

Housing and Service Interventions for Families Experiencing Homelessness

Marybeth Shinn, Vanderbilt University

Home Safe: Breaking the Nexus Between Family Violence and Homelessness

Lucy Adams, Manager and Principal Lawyer, Justice Connect Homeless Law

Frontyard Youth Services: The Road from Chaddy to Myer

Sherri Bruinhout, Director Homelessness and Justice, Melbourne City Mission

What Do We Need From the Royal Commission to Break the Nexus Between Family Violence and Homelessness?

Alan Wilson, CEO Quantum Support Services Inc.

STREAT: Providing a Fork in the Road for Young People

Rebecca Scott, Chief Executive Officer, STREAT

Highlighting the Benefits of Consumer Participation

Angela Kyriakopoulos, Council to Homeless Persons Homelessness Advocacy Service Coordinator and Sergeant Scott Davis, Victorian Police Academy, Victoria Police

Lessons from the Homelessness Innovation Action Projects

Leanne Roberts, Manager Across Systems Responses Unit, Department of Health and Human Services

Embedding Child Awareness: Experience in a Community Organisation

Hannah Lewin, Team leader, Family Support and Advocacy Team and Jodie Gatley, Team Leader, Innovation, Research and Evaluation, Micah Projects

Taking Research to Practice: Program Design and Evaluation

Emma Ladd, Quality and Service Development Manager, Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria, Sandy Forbes, Nous Group, Andrew Benoy, Nous Group, Bill Stowe, Council to Homeless Persons Peer Education Support Program Member


Jane Barnes

General Manager, Adult Services, The Salvation Army and Chair, Council to Homeless Persons