The June 2015 “Dear Landlord: Private Renting and Homelessness”” edition of Parity





Jenny Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Council to Homeless Persons

Update from Homelessness Australia

Glenda Stevens, Chief Executive Officer, Homelessness Australia (HA)

Chapter 1: Private Rental in Context

Home Stressed Home: The Intractability of Private Rental Stress in Australia

Coco Ho, Policy and Research Assistant, Anglicare Australia

Private Rental and Housing Stress: A Game of Snakes and Ladders

Antoinette Russo, Liaison Officer, Homeless Law

I Couldn’t Afford Private Rental So I Became Homeless!

Vicky Vacondios, PESP Graduate

Contextualising the Housing Crisis: Perceptions, Attitudes and Stigma

Samuel Cecins, Communication Officer, Anglicare WA

Is Home Ownership Really the Cornerstone of a Strong Economy?

Catherine McGauran, Communications Officer Council to Homeless Persons

A Snapshot of Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) in 2014

Chapter 2: Regulating Private Rental

Reforming Tenure Security in the Private Rental Market

Liam Cooper, Research Officer, Tenants Union of Victoria

Why Strive for Balance?

Ned Cutcher, Senior Policy Officer, Tenants Union of New South Wales

Tenancy Blacklistings and Real Estate’s ‘Big Brother’

Marissa Dooris, Lawyer and Cameron Lavery, Coordinator, QPILCH Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic

More Rooms for Rent: Improving Boarder Accommodation for Vulnerable People

Dean Tingey, Solicitor, Tenancy WA and Shae Garwood, Senior Research and Policy Officer, Shelter WA

The Informal Lodging Sector in New South Wales: A Regulatory Blind Spot

Dr Chris Martin, Research Fellow, City Futures Research Centre, University of New South Wales

Chapter 3: Supporting and Sustaining Private Rental

Private Rental Brokerage: Establishing the State of Play

Sandy Horne, Selina Tually, Michele Slatter, Debbie Faulkner and Susan Oakley, Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning (CHURP), The University of Adelaide

The Role of Brokerage in Sustaining Private Rental

Seanne Sweeney, Private Rental Access Worker, Family Violence Services, Salvation Army Crisis Services, Victoria

The Entry Point into the Private Rental Market

Peter Beaumont and Kerry Dawson, Street to Home Service, South Australia

Salvation Army Social Housing and Support Private Rental Brokerage Program

Marisol Salinas Private Rental Brokerage Programs, Salvation Army Social Housing and Support, Victoria

Promoting Sustainability in the Private Rental Market

Beth Fogerty, Cassie Green and Josh Oates, Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria

Youth Private Rental Access Program (YPRAP)

Laura Di Felice, The Salvation Army Crisis Services, Youth and Family Services, Victoria

Chapter 4: New Directions in Private Rental

HomeGround Real Estate Agency, Australia’s First Not for Profit Real Estate Agency

Andrea Levey, Manager Homeground Real Estate Agency

Hope to Home: Unlocking the Rental Door: A Community and Business Initiative

Mandy Baxter, Service Development Manager, Hope Street Youth and Family Services

The Real Cost of Private Rental

Annabel Wellman, Accommodation Options for Families Worker, Launch Housing (formerly Home Ground Services) St Kilda

One House and One Unit at a Time

Clare Davies, Property Manager, HomeGround Real Estate


Heather Holst

CEO, Homeground

Jason Davies-Kildea

Manager, Salvation Army Victoria Social Programme and Policy Unit

Julie Foreman

Executive Officer, Tenant’s Union of New South Wales

Mark O’Brien

CEO, Tenants Union of Victoria