The November “Responding to Homelessness in South Australia” edition




Jay Weatherill, Premier, South Australia


Jenny Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Council to Homeless Persons

Feature: Responding to Homelessness in South Australia

Introduction — Change in Homelessness Services in South Australia, 2002–15

Professor Andrew Beer, Dean, Research and Innovation, UniSA Business School

Chapter 1: Homelessness Policy

South Australian Homelessness Responses Since 2008

Nicholas Mchawala, Assistant Project Officer, Housing SA

It Takes a Village… and Good Infrastructure

Suzanne Pang, Senior Project Officer, Housing SA

Innovation in the Homelessness Sector: The Homelessness Strategic Group and Models of Consultation in the Homelessness Sector in South Australia

Andrew Beer, University of South Australia Business School

Housing SA’s New Service Delivery Model

Teresa Keogh, Assistant Project Officer, Practice Development and Mikarla Papini, Assistant Project Officer, Evaluation, Housing SA

Responding to Mental Health and Homelessness in South Australia

Amelia Traino, Manager, Strategy and Change, Mental Health Strategy, SA Health

Chapter 2: Programs, Services and Practice

Local Responses to Homelessness in the City of Adelaide

Lauren Grant, Safety Strategy Consultant and Sarah Cleggett, Social Planner, Adelaide City Council

Building Partnerships Toward Better Health

Ian Milverton, Team Leader of Aged City Living, Hutt St Centre

‘Your call is important to us’

Patrick Kukla, Team Leader, Supported Accommodation and Recovery Services East, Salvation Army Towards Independence

Access to Justice: Ten Years On

Amanda Tsoundarou, Outreach Case Worker, Welfare Rights Centre (SA) Inc

50 is the new 65

Eddie Bullitis, Senior Service Coordinator, Homelessness Support Program, Exceptional Needs Unit, Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

A Place to Call Home

Alice MacFarlane, Marketing and Fundraising Manager, Corporate Services UnitingCare Wesley Port Adelaide

Quantifying Our Impact: Evaluating the Impact of Homelessness Services and Interventions — The Challenges of Evaluating Long-term Impact on Client Life Trajectories

Robert Martin, Executive Manager, Client Services, Common Ground Adelaide and Tracey Dodd, Managing Director, Perfect Pitch Communications

The Homeless Connect Expo

Olivia Taylor, Expo Management Team, Shelter SA

The Supported Residential Facilities Sector: A Changing Landscape?

Eddie Bullitis, Senior Service Coordinator, Homelessness Support Program and Peter Jessup, Program Manager, SRF Intake and Support Service, Exceptional Needs Unit, Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI)

Homeless is Not a Nebulous Concept: The Need for an Integrated Response

Kerry Dawson, Clinical Service Coordinator and Peter Beaumont, Clinical Nurse, Street To Home Services

Social Impact Bonds and Homelessness: Questions from the Field

Sean Sheehy, Research Assistant, Amanda Taylor, Stakeholder Engagement Manager and Alice Clark, Executive Director Shelter SA, Andris Banders, Consultant

Exceptional Needs Unit: A Unique Service Response

Judy Clutterbuck, Program Manager, Homelessness Support Program, Michelle Hardy, Senior Assessment Practitioner, Supported Residential Facilities Intake and Support Service, Richard O’Loughlin, Program Manager, Management Assessment Service, Exceptional Needs Unit, Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

Aspire Adelaide Seeks to Become South Australia’s First Social Impact Bond

Ben Taylor, Manager Client Services, Hutt Street Centre

‘But I have a roof over my head now’ Discussing Service Response and the Needs of Clients Once Housed

Jess Dobrovic and Sam Pielichaty, Hutt Street Centre

Chapter 3: Key Themes and Issues

A: Aboriginal Homelessness

The Quality of Mercy

(Ms) Prema Joy, Wellbeing Program Manager, Nunga Mi:Minar Inc

Kornar Winmil Yunti: Men Working Together

Catherine Ponsana, Kornar Winmil Yunti

Shelter SA Aboriginal Housing Summit: ‘Our Grannies are Our Strength’

Sean Sheehy, Research Assistant, Amanda Taylor, Stakeholder Engagement Manager and Alice Clark, Executive Director, Shelter SA

Uniting Communities Aboriginal Community Connect: Kurlana Tampawardli (New House on the Plains)

Ruth Tulloch, Service Manager, Aboriginal Community Connect, Intensive Support Services, Uniting Communities Aboriginal Hub Centre

The Resource Learning Mix: Essential Ingredients in the Provision of Case-Management with Aboriginal Young People Experiencing Homelessness

Charlie Wickins and Dr Janette Hancock, UnitingCare Wesley Port Adelaide

Best Practice in Working with and Supporting Aboriginal Young People in Regional South Australia: A Generic Homelessness Service Perspective

Joanne Clark, CEO, West Coast Youth and Community Support Inc, Port Lincoln Homelessness Services (Youth Focus)

B: Housing

Homeowner and Homeless: Relocatable Home Owners’ Insecure Tenure in Residential Parks in South Australia

David Bunce, Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning, University of Adelaide

House for Rent — Apply Within: A Report on Renting in SA

Amanda Taylor, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Shelter SA

Homes for Heroes South Australia

Darren Adamson, Director Communications and Development, Returned Soldiers League Care South Australia

Snapshot: Who is Looking for Housing Assistance in South Australia?

Sean Sheehy, Research Assistant, Shelter SA

Making a Real Difference: The Responsive Housing Model

By Joe Gannon and Dr Janette Hancock UnitingCare Wesley Port Adelaide

Community Led Development ©2015 — Ethical, Socially Responsible Investment in Social and Affordable Housing and the Sustainable Use of Land

Alice Clark, Executive Director, Shelter SA

Ten Years of Inclusionary Zoning in South Australia

Belinda Hallsworth, Senior Strategic Planner, Strategy and Innovation, Renewal SA

 C: Children and Families

Homeless Children in South Australia and Together4Kids, Specialist Children’s Therapeutic Service

Christine Gibson, Australian Centre for Child Protection and Deborah Lockwood, Relationships Australia South Australia (SA)

Improving Outcomes for Families Experiencing Homelessness: Working Together as Multi-Disciplinary Teams to Increase Health Outcomes for Children and Families

Dr Yvonne Parry, Senior Lecturer, Flinders University, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Dr Sophia Harryba UnitingCare Wesley Bowden Research and Evaluation Consultant, Susan Horsfall Inner Southern Homelessness Service, UnitingCare Wesley Bowden

D: Domestic and Family Violence and Women’s Homelessness

Young Mothers Caught in Cycle of Violence

Vicki Lachlan, Manager, Louise Place, Grazziella Rosmini, Coordinator, Malvern Place and Cathy Araki, Coordinator, Coolock House, Centacare Catholic Family Services

Understanding the Effect of Social and Geographical Isolation on Women’s Ability to Seek Help Following Domestic and Family Violence: A Research Project

Elizabeth Rowe, Communications Manager, Centacare Catholic Family Services, Associate Professor Sarah Wendt, University of South Australia, Professor Donna Chung, Curtin University and Dr Alison Elder, University of South Australia

Bridge to a New Future

Deirdre Flynn, Director Client and Corporate Services, Catherine House

Aged Homeless Assistance Program: A Perspective on Older Women and Homelessness

Liz Francis, Manager, Service Delivery, Homelessness Strategy, Housing SA

E: Youth Homelessness

What’s Happening at Home? Providing Family Assessment and Reunification for Young People Seeking Emergency Accommodation

Cheryl Hillier, Therapeutic Youth Services Uniting Communities Shantel Thyer, Central Support Uniting Communities

Therapeutic Care: Putting a Therapeutic Lens on the Issue of Homelessness for our Guardianship Young People Leaving Care

Vanessa Kolarz and Kate Melvin, Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual Assault Service, Department of Health, South Australia

Youth Perceptions of Partner Violence and Homelessness: The Need to Bridge the Service Divide

Leanne Cornell-March and Kirsten Sandstrom, Helping Young People Achieve (HYPA) Service to Youth Council (SYC)

Clients Influencing Advocacy and Strategic Direction in the Youth Sector

Cheryl Hillier, Uniting Communities and Rebecca Sander, Salvation Army

Youth Homelessness and Transitional Housing

Tracy Ingram, Manager, Outer North Youth Homelessness Services, Centacare

F: Rural and Regional Homelessness

Overcoming the Barriers in Responding to Homelessness in Regional and Rural South Australia

Trish Spark, Manager Homelessness Services, ac. care

Struggles Faced by Women in Regional South Australia

Elizabeth Rowe, Communications Manager, Centacare Catholic Family Services

Turning Talk Into Action in Ceduna — A Case Study

Dr Gillian Britton, Principal Policy and Programs Officer, Policy and Community Development, Department for Communities and Social Inclusion 

The 2015 Regional Engagement Strategy Report

Amanda Taylor, Stakeholder Engagement Manager and Alice Clark, Executive Director, Shelter SA

Chapter 4: Opinions

Philip Fagan-Schmidt

Executive Director, Housing SA

Peter Sandeman

Chief Executive Officer, AnglicareSA

 Alice Clark

Chief Executive Officer, Shelter SA

Joe Gannon

Manager, Homelessness Services, UnitingCare Wesley Port Adelaide, Chair of the Western Adelaide Homelessness Collaboration

Dale West

Director, Centacare Catholic Family Services

Graham Brown

Chief Executive Officer, Junction Australia