February 2016 ‘From leaving care to extending care: preventing the transition to homelessness’ edition



Jenny Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Council to Homeless Persons

Feature: From Leaving Care to Extending Care

Extending Care Experience Internationally, Paul MacDonald, CEO, Anglicare Victoria

‘Should we Extend ‘Care’ or ‘care’?’ Dr Phil Crane, Senior Lecturer Faculty of Health, School of Public Health and Social Work Queensland University of Technology

‘How Do We Identify and Address Barriers Faced by Young People Leaving Care?: Ask Them’ Jessica White, Policy Officer and Noelle Hudson, National Policy and Advocacy Manager

Specialist Homelessness Services Assisting People Leaving Care Arrangements, Anna Ritson, Acting Head, Housing and Homelessness Reporting and Development, Housing and Specialised Services Group, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)

‘Leaving Care and Service Engagement: Lessons from the Homelessness Sector’, Ms Catia Malvaso and Professor Paul Delfabbro, School of Psychology, University of Adelaide

‘Being Strong in Aboriginal Identity and Culture Protects Young People Leaving Care’, Andrew Jackomos PSM, Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People

‘Stand By Me: An Innovative Program for Young Care Leavers’, Kerry Antonucci, Berry Street

‘A LIFT When Needed’, Murielle Bodenham, Project Officer, Swan Emergency Accommodation, Western Australia

‘Targeted, Tailored and Therapeutic: Responding to the Needs of Young People Leaving Care’, Ché Stockley, Senior Policy Officer, MacKillop Family Services

‘The Housing Needs of Young People with a Disability Leaving State Care in Victoria’, Philip Mendes, Monash University, Pamela Snow, La Trobe University and Delia O’Donohue, RMIT University

‘The Running Start Project’, Cassandra Bawden, Council to Homeless Persons Peer Education Support Team Leader

‘Engaging Young People in the Solutions’, John Bonnice, Co-manager of St Luke’s Communities for Children Bendigo

‘The Out Of Home Care Drift: Responding to Homelessness Among Care Leavers in New South Wales’, Jessica Fielding, Policy Officer, Scott Robinson, Research Assistant and Chris Stone Senior, Policy Officer, Yfoundations

‘Improving Educational Outcomes for Care Leavers’, Joanna Humphries, Project Manager, Improving Education Outcomes, The Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare

‘The Berry Street Stand By Me Program: Support that Stands by Care Leavers’, Jade Purtell and Associate Professor Philip Mendes, Director of the Social Inclusion and Social Policy Research Unit, Department of Social Work Monash University

‘Community Integration and Accommodation Options (CIAO)’, Christine Bone, Acting Manager, CIAO and Justin Inverarity, Acting Team Leader CIAO

‘Let Them Flourish: Meeting the Complex Needs of Vulnerable Young People’, Dr Glenn Jessop, Policy Manager, Jesuit Social Services


Captain Jason Davies-Kildea, Manager, Victoria Social Programme and Policy Unit, The Salvation Army, Australia Southern Territory

Paul MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer, Anglicare Victoria

Peter Sandeman, Chief Executive Officer, AnglicareSA