March 2017 edition: I Shall Be Released: Post-Release and Homelessness

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Jenny Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Council to Homeless Persons



Writing on the (Affordable) Wall 
Martin Foley, Victorian Minister for Housing, Disability and Aging; Mental Health; Equality and Creative Industries

RSL Care SA: Andrew Russell Veteran Living



I Shall be Released: Post-Release and Homelessness

Data to Inform a Renewed Approach to Prevent the Exit into Homelessness from Custody
Sandra Rabjohns, Housing and Specialised Services Group, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Community Pathways: A New Reintegration Model for Victorians Exiting the Prison System 
Dr Shaymaa Elkadi, General Manager, Offending Behaviour Programs, Tim Kanoa, Manager, Aboriginal Programs Unit, Corrections Victoria and Jenna Harrison, Project Officer Department of Justice

Ex-Custodial Homelessness Support Service South Australia and Reduced Reoffending 
Louise Kelly, Engagement Development and Innovation Consultant, OARS Community Transitions, South Australia

Shown the Exit Revisited: CRC’s Everyday Experience in Assisting People Leaving Custody 
Mindy Sotiri and Alex Faraguna, Community Restorative Centre

Accommodation and Reintegration in the Northern Territory
Samantha Taylor-Hunt and Thomas Quayle, The North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency Throughcare Program

Breaking the Cycle
Dougie Wells, Senior Project Officer, Homelessness NSW


Stories from Croakey’s JustJustice Series
Sandy: A Dear Friend, Condemned by Harmful Systems

Dying to be Free: Where is the JustJustice Focus on the Post-Prison Indigenous Deaths?
Megan Williams

The Revolving Door of Prison and Homelessness
David Lovelock, Case Support Worker, Jesuit Social Services

Giving Voice to Young People in Crisis Accommodation
Brittany Williams, Youth Participation Worker, The Salvation Army Crisis Services

Intensive Tenancy Support Services (ITSS) for Ex-offenders
Jed Donoghue, State Manager Housing and Homelessness, The Salvation Army, Australia Southern Territory

Flat Out Inc: Finding Ways to Meet the Need
Jake Argyll, Flat Out Executive Officer and Phoebe Barton, Flat Out Management Collective member

A Sense of Home
John Livingstone, Policy, Research and Advocacy Officer and Jenny McDonald, Project Worker, Jesuit Social Services

What Are the Links Between the Experience of Childhood Trauma with Homelessness and Recidivism?
Maria Murray, Group Manager, Service Design, The Salvation Army, Adult Services

Closing the Revolving Door: Preventing Homelessness for Victorian Prisoners Through Legal Representation
Cameron Lavery, Senior Lawyer, Justice Connect Homeless Law

Treating Disadvantage? A Gendered Exploration of Women’s Offending, Post-Release Experiences and Needs
Jacki Holland, Policy and Research Specialist (Emerging Focus Areas), Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand

A House is Not a Home
Elle Jackson, Senior Practitioner, Jesuit Social Services

Facing the Outside World: The Voices of Those Who Exit Prison into Homelessness
Louis Schetzer, Senior Policy Officer, Homelessness, Public Interest Advocacy Centre


Consumer Voices

Consumer Voices is a regular feature in Parity. Articles are written by and with consumers to ensure they have a say about the issues that directly affect them.

Enabling Justice: Listening to the Stories of People with Lived Experiences of Both ABI and Involvement in the Criminal Justice System
Brigid Henley, Coordinator, Adult Justice Special Projects, Jesuit Social Services and Suzi James-Nevell, Manager Adult Justice Programs Jesuit Social Services

Prisoners, Post-Release and Voting: Getting the Facts Right
Alex Markham, Community Education Team Leader, Victorian Electoral Commission.



Karenza Louis-Smith
Chief Executive Officer, The Australian Community Support Organisation

Carol Nikakis
Chief Executive Officer, VACRO and Julie Edwards Chief Executive Officer, Jesuit Social Services

Jason Davies-Kildea
Manager, Victoria Social Programme and Policy Unit, The Salvation Army, Australia Southern Territory