The July ‘Education, Employment, Recreation and Volunteering Parity



Editorial — Some Known Knowns

Jenny Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Council to Homeless Persons

July Update from Homelessness Australia

Glenda Stevens, Chief Executive Officer, Homelessness Australia

The Reform of Homelessness Services in New South Wales: A Snapshot, July 2014

Gary Moore, Chief Executive Officer, Homelessness New South Wales

Feature: Education, Employment, Recreation and Volunteering

Vocational Training, Education and Homelessness

Spike Chiappalone, CHP Peer Education Support Program Graduate

The Impact of Schooling Costs on Children and Young People

Paula Grogan, Policy Analyst, VCOSS and Susie Richards, Children’s Group Therapist and Advocate, Statewide Children’s Resource Program

Wrapped Around to Overcome Barriers to Social Exclusion

Frances Addabbo, Program Coordinator, Mission Australia Centre

Hands-on Corporate Volunteering: What Really Works

Kristy Moore and Louise Augustinus, VincentCare Victoria

The Benefits of Participation in Recreational Group Activities for Adults at Risk of Homelessness

Genevieve Dingle, Tegan Cruwys, Jolanda Jetten, Melissa Johnstone and Zoe Walter, School of Psychology, The University of Queensland

Clemente Australia: New Possibilities for People Experiencing Multiple Disadvantage

Peter Howard, Jude Butcher and Tim Marchant, Institute for Advancing Community Engagement, Australian Catholic University

Working to Minimise Barriers to Employment and Training: Individual Tailored Responses

Stephen Callander, Job Support and Training Worker and Katrina Nguyen, Manager Flagstaff Crisis Accommodation Service

Consumer Participation in Victoria Police Community Encounters Program

Danny Nepean, CHP Peer Education Support Program and Angela Kyriakopoulos, Homelessness Advocacy Service (HAS) Advocate

Peer Pressure of the Best Kind

Penny Underwood, MediaWise Publications and Communications for McAuley Community Services

Practitioner Perspectives on the Role of Culturally Responsive Training Programs for Improving Indigenous Tenancies

Fiona Proudfoot PhD Candidate, School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania and Associate Professor Daphne Habibis, Housing and Community Research Unit, University of Tasmania

Volunteers at Wintringham

Natalie Casey, Volunteer Coordinator, Wintringham

Education for Ending Youth Homelessness

Jessica Fielding, Policy Officer, Y Foundations

Consumer Voices — Education, Employment, Education and Volunteering (and Recreation)

Consumer Voices is a regular feature in Parity. Articles are written by and with consumers to ensure they have a say about the issues that directly affect them.

Nature, Therapy, Adventure: A Responsive Bush Adventure Therapy Program Built to Meet Recovery Goals of Adults Living Within a Therapeutic Residential Service in Brisbane

Amanda Smith, Wild Earth Adventures Coordinator, Roma House, Mission Australia Queensland


Dr. David Wilson

Chief Executive Officer, Urban Seed