The September 2014 National Homelessness Conference edition of Parity




8th National Homelessness Conference

Homelessness: Complexities and Countermeasures



Pauline Woodbridge, Chairperson, Homelessness Australia



Glenda Stevens, Chief Executive Officer, Homelessness Australia, Chairperson NHC 2014


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Keynote Presentations


Re-finding our Values in Young People

Colin Falconer, Foyer Foundation, London, United Kingdom (UK)


Oh Canada! Housing First and the Evolution of the Canadian Response to Homelessness

Stephen Gaetz, York University and Canadian Homelessness Research Network, Toronto, Canada


Complexities and Ethics of Sheltering Survivors of Violence Against Women in a Digital Age

Cindy Southworth, Development and Innovation at the United States National Network to End Domestic Violence, Washington, United States of America


Plenary Presentations


Partnering to Reduce the Impact of Depression and Anxiety

Georgie Harman, beyondblue


Associations Between Individuals’ Characteristics and the Entry, Exit and Duration of Homelessness: Evidence from the Journeys Home Survey

Yi-Ping Tseng, University of Melbourne


Perceptions and Change: People, Society and Value

Dan Gregory, The Impossible Institute


Hypothetical: Is Government Doing Enough?

John Falzon, St Vincent de Paul Society, Cathy Humphrey, Sacred Heart Mission, Eileen Webb, University of Western Australia, Adrian Pisarski, National Shelter, Michael Coffey, Y Foundations


Oral Presentations


OR01 — Improving Women and Children’s Safety in Their Own Homes and Community: An Alternative Approach

Jeanine Jones, Rose Solomon, Janine Mahoney, Safe Futures Foundation


OR02 — What’s the Go with Foyer’s Around Australia?

Tony Keenan, Hanover Welfare Services and Wendy Malycha, St John’s Youth Services


OR03 — Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council Training Packages Review and Public Consultation Web Portal

Evan Cooper, Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council


OR04 — Child Parents: The Complexities of Working with Children Having Children

Vicki Lachlan and Desi Alexandridis, Young Family Support Program


OR05 — Homelessness and Mental Health Workshop (Part 1 and Part 2)

Owen Atkins, CentaCare; Kerrie Banks, Family Services Group; Hazel Basset, Gold Coast Homeless Health Outreach; Helen Clifford, Gold Coast Medicare; Josh Fear, Jacqui Gibson, Travis Gilbert and Arthur Papakotsias, Mental Health Council of Australia; Allan Finn, Robina Housing Service Centre; Liz Fritz, Homelessness Australia; Lesley van Schoubroeck, Lisa Sloan, St George Community Housing; Jenny Smith, Council to Homeless Persons


OR06 — The Regional Homelessness Network Co-ordinators will Provide an Overview of How Cross-sector and Inter-sector Collaboration has Been Achieved

Karren Walker, Southern Housing and Support Services Network


OR07 — Technology Abuse and Safety: Working with Survivors

Cindy Southworth, Development and Innovation at the United States National Network to End Domestic Violence, Washington, United States of America


OR09 — Youth Homelessness Matters Day: Like, Share, Act

Michelle Parker, Anglicare Northern Territory and Emma Robertson, Youth Coalition of the Australian Capital Territory


OR10 — A Profile of Clients Experiencing Homelessness Accessing Health Services of an Urban Health District of New South Wales

Adrienne Lucey and Boris Gazibarich, Homelessness Health, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District; Julie McDonald, Gawaine Powell Davies, Thomas Powell Davies, Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, University of New South Wales


OR11 — Preventing Youth Homelessness: What Do We Know? What Should We Do?

Stephen Gaetz, York University and Canadian Homelessness Research Network, Toronto, Canada


OR12 — ‘More than a roof over my head’ Dignity and Community for Older Homeless Women in Australia’

Carol Vale, Bethlehem Community Inc. and June Allen, RMIT


OR13 — Homeless2home (H2h) Statewide Case Management and Data Collection System

Erin Curtis, South Australian Department for Communities and Social Inclusion


OR14 — Strengthening Homeless Services in Western Australia

Chantal Roberts and Shae Garwood, Shelter WA


OR15 — Homeless for the First time in Later Life

Maree Petersen, The University of Queensland


OR16 — Using Technology for Outcomes Measurement and Reporting in a Specialist Homelessness Service

Leanne Lewis, Women’s Services Manager, Sacred Heart Mission


OR17 — Homelessness in an Affluent Area: North Sydney

Jed Donoghue and Chris Taylor, The Salvation Army Tasmania


OR18 — A Woman’s Right to Remain, A Man’s Right to his Home: Women’s Rights to be Safe and Not Homeless in the Aftermath of Male Partner Violence

Donna Chung, Curtin University and Jan Breckenridge, University of New South Wales


OR19 — Creative Models of Consumer Engagement: Homeless Persons’ Legal Service Exit Prison into Homelessness Project, the StreetCare Videos and the Mental Illness Project

Lou Schetzer, Public Interest Advocacy Centre


OR20 — Two Year Outcomes of the MISHA ‘Housing First’ Project in Sydney

Paul Flateau, Centre for Social Impact, University of Western Australia; Marlee Bower and Elizabeth Conroy, Centre for Health Research, University of Western Sydney; Lucinda Burns, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales an


OR21 — What is Aboriginal Spiritual Homelessness?

Paul Memmott, University of Queensland


OR22 — Evaluation of Housing First in Rural Victoria: A Case Study

Alana Hulme Chambers, Department of Public and Community Health, La Trobe Rural Health School


OR23 — At Home in the Territory: Exploring Housing and Homelessness in the Central Australian Context

Leigh Woolcock and Benjamin McCullagh-Dennis, Anglicare Northern Territory


OR24 — Promising Practice: The Outcomes Achieved for Participants in the First Three Years of the Doorway Housing First Project

Laura Collister, Sean Hegarty and Tracey Swadling, Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria


OR25 — Nurturing the Next Generation from Risk to Resilience: The Safe Futures Foundation Approach

Janine Mahoney, Jeanine Jones and Rose Solomon, Safe Futures Foundation


OR26 — Brisbane Registry Vulnerability Index: Service Prioritisation Decision Assistance Tool: 500 Lives 500 Homes

Maria Leebeek, Micah Projects, West End and Karyn Walsh, Micah Projects


OR27 — The RDA Murray-Riverina Murray Rural Interagency Project

Sherri Makepeace, Regional Development Australia — Murray


OR28 — 47.49: A Life Sentence for Homeless Men in Hobart

Patrick Carlisle and Matthew Holloway, Bethlehem House Tasmania Inc.


OR29 — More Than a House: Through a Child’s Eyes

Susie Richards, Statewide Children’s Resource Program — Melbourne, Paul Pfeiffer, Statewide Children’s Resource Program — Wodonga and Julie Maggs, Statewide Children’s Resource Program — Bendigo


OR30 — Project 2500 — Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness

Mendel Kastel, Jewish House


OR31 — Evaluation of the Peer Education Support Program: Consumer Participation in Victoria’s Peak Body for Homelessness

Chris Black, Council to Homeless Persons Victoria and Black Ink Writing and Consulting


OR32 — The Complexity of Care Associated with Aging, Alcohol Addiction and Homelessness

Alice Rota-Bartelink and Bryan Lipmann, Wintringham


OR33 — Ensuring Organisation Technology Use Helps Survivors and Does Not Harm Victims or People from Diverse Backgrounds

Cindy Southworth, National Network to End Domestic Violence, Washington, United States of America and Julie Oberin, WESNET


OR34 — Street to Home: The Going Places Program

Natalie Musumeci, Phil Flint, Mark Jentz and Tammy Joinbee, Mission Australia


OR35 — The Geelong Project: A Place-based ‘Community of Schools and Youth Services’ Model for Early Intervention

David MacKenzie, Swinburne University


OR36 — Being Advantaged Thinking

Colin Falconer, Foyer Foundation, London, United Kingdom


OR37 — Tune In Now: A Resource for Homelessness Workers to ‘have the conversation’ With Men About Depression and Anxiety

Andrew Thorp and Nina Crosland, beyondblue


OR38 — Surviving or Thriving?: Older People at Risk of Homelessness

Jeff Fiedler, Housing for the Aged Action Group Inc.


OR39 — The Challenge of Reform: Homelessness Politics, Programs and Practice

David MacKenzie, Swinburne University

OR40 — The Politics of Definition and Counting

Chris Chamberlain, RMIT University

OR41 — Sustainability in Not for Profit organisations and its Interplay with Corporate Social Responsibility

Glenda Stevens, Homelessness Australia

OR42 — Use of homeless services by ‘New Migrants’

Jennifer Clarke, Homelessness Australia

OR43 — Breaking the Cycle: Karinya Young Mums ’n’ Bubs

Heidi Woodland and Ria Brink, Karinya Young Womens Service Inc

OR44 — Sleepout: A Documentary That Explores Homeless Womens’ Issues

Trish O’Donohue, WISHIN

OR45 — Homes for Sydney’s Homeless: Findings of Two ‘Housing First’ Initiatives

Elizabeth Whittaker and Lucy Burns, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales

OR46 — Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Commissioner Robert Fitzgerald AM, Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

OR47 — Allocation, Eligibility and Rent Setting in the Australian Community Housing Sector

Eddy Bourke, Community Housing Federation of Australia

OR48 — The Secret Life of a Grant Maker: Lessons in Ending Homelessness

Felicity Reynolds and Sue Mowbray, The Mercy Foundation

OR49 — Researching Complexities in Homelessness Using the National Specialist Homelessness Services Collection

Geoff Neideck, Housing Homelessness and Drugs Group, Australian Institute for Health and Welfare

OR50 — A Critical Case Study Based Exploration of the Emergence of Trauma Informed Practice and Cultural Safety in Homelessness Services Base in Sydney

Leticia Funston, University of Sydney

OR51 — Boarding House Reform in NSW — Promises Unfulfilled?

Digby Hughes, Homelessness New South Wales

OR52 — Geographical Movement of the Homeless Population: An Exploration of Inner-city ‘Drift’ in Sydney

Elizabeth Conroy, University of Western Sydney

OR53 — Alleviating the Difficulties of Housing Large Humanitarian Migrant Families in the Australian Private Rental Market

Nicole Harb, Flinders University

OR54 — Rising to the Case for Change — Leading the Victorian Family Violence Sector Through Change

Alison Macdonald, Domestic Violence Victoria

OR55 — National Housing Policy: The Abbott Years

Adrian Pisarski, National Shelter

OR56 — Policy Intersections: Housing, Employment and Income Support

Jacqui Phillips, Australian Council of Social Service

OR57 — Homeless and (Mostly) Connected: Mobile Phones and Mobile Internet in the Lives of Youth, Families and Adults Experiencing Homelessness

Justine Humphry, University of Sydney

OR58 — A Partnership Approach to Building Outreach Eye Care Programs for People Experiencing Homelessness

Piers Carozzi, Jonathan Jackson, Neville Turner and Genevieve Napper, Australian College of Optometry

OR59 — Tackling Violence: Local Community League Football Clubs Standing Up Against Domestic Violence in Regional New South Wales

Susan Lindsay, New South Wales Office of Communities

OR60 — Can ‘Housing First’ Work for Youth

Stephen Gaetz, York University and Canadian Homelessness Research Network, Toronto, Canada

OR61 — Homelessness, Brain Health and Dementia

Clare Beard, Alzheimer’s Australia — South Australia

OR62 — Making the Most of the Media

Brian Johnson, Lighthouse Media Services

OR63 — Complex Pathways, Integrated Solutions: Initial Data from the Education First Youth Foyer Evaluations

Squirrel Main and Jennifer Hanson-Peterson, Brotherhood of St Laurence

OR64 — Barriers to Health for Homeless Persons in Tasmania — A Research Study

Patrick Carlisle and Matthew Holloway, Bethlehem House Tasmania Inc.

OR65 — Breaking the Cycle: The Employment Option

Maurizo Piazza, Max Employment

Poster Presentations

P01 — Breaking the Cycles ‘The SunnyKids Virtual Village’

Michelle Booth, SunnyKids

P02 — Crisis Accommodation in a complex environment

Lisa Dalla-Zuanna and Damien Bernasconi, SalvoConnect

P03 — Homeless Health Outreach Team: An Outreach Mental Health Service. We’re different… for the record…

Deanna Erskine, Metro North Mental Health — RBWH

P04 — Living in a Cave: Narrating the Experience or ‘What the dog saw’

Judith Hopwood, Avondale College

P05 — Collaborative Approach Across Homelessness and Mental Health

Emily Lyons and Kathleen Walsh, Alfred Psychiatry

P06 — SA Therapeutic Children’s Service Story: Partnerships and Collaboration Across the Homelessness Sector Provide Child Focussed Support

Jonathon Main and Deborah Lockwood, Relationships Australia

P07 — Living Rough in Melbourne March to June 2013

Nanette Mitchell, City of Melbourne

P08 — Self-Care for Residents and Staff in a Trauma Informed Homelessness Service

Kelly Sciacca, Tetera Tama, Travis Radunz and Stephanie Cooper, Mission Australia

P09 — The S.T.A.Y House Program — ‘Innovation from Within’ — A Model to Break the Cycle of Homelessness

Bonita Tyler, Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth

P10 — Multiply disadvantaged: Issues faced by homeless injecting drug consumers in Australia

Lucy Burns and Elizabeth Whittaker, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales


Glenda Stevens

Chief Executive Officer, Homelessness Australia