December 2017 Edition: Victorian Homelessness Conference

Contents for December 2017 edition


Jenny Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Council to Homeless Persons




Ending Homelessness in New Zealand: Housing First Research
Jenny Ombler, Polly Atatoa-Carr, Julie Nelson, Philippa Howden-Chapman, Keri Lawson Te-Aho, Paikea Fariu-
Ariki, Hera Cook, Clare Aspinall, Brodie Fraser, Carole
McMinn, Renee Frances Shum and Nevil Pierse


The 2017 Victorian
Homelessness Conference


Conference Overview 
Damien Patterson, Policy and Advocacy Officer


The 2017 Victorian Homelessness Achievement Awards


Day 1


Opening Speech 
Martin Foley, Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing, Mental Health, Equality and Creative Industries


Keynote Plenary Address – Ending Homelessness in Ireland, Denmark and Finland?
Eoin O’Sullivan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Plenary Panel


The NDIS: Is it Working for People Experiencing Homelessness?
Kate Patterson, KEP Consultancy Services


The NDIS and the Homelessness Sector: When a person is homeless everything is just harder
Mirella Rao, Coordinator, Flexible Outreach Support
Service, Launch Housing


Swimming against the tide: managing impossible demand
Heather Holst, Deputy CEO, Launch Housing


Resolving Tenancy Issues: The Work and Role of Justice Connect Homeless Law
Sally Kenyon, Lawyer, Justice Connect Homeless Law
and Rachelle Driver, Women’s Homelessness Prevention
Project Liaison Officer, Justice Connect Homeless Law


Modern Life and Family Breakdown: Understanding Family Conflict as it Relates to Young People Experiencing Homelessness
Steven Roche, Justin Barker, and Paul Turton


Housing Isn’t Everything: Music Therapy in Youth Homelessness
Asami Koike, Music Therapist, Melbourne City Mission Frontyard Youth Services


Day 2

Keynote Plenary Address: Trauma and Adolescent Family
Violence – Resolving Homelessness for Young Care Leavers in Ireland: A Long Journey…
Eoin O’Sullivan, Professor in Social Policy, Trinity College
Dublin, Ireland


Resolving Homelessness for Young Care Leavers
Paul McDonald, Chair, Home Stretch


Effective Support Post-housing: What Works?
Cassandra Bawden, CHP PESP Team Leader


Ending Rough Sleeping and Chronic Homelessness; Practice Evolution: Melbourne Street 2 Home: A Housing First Model
Theresa Swanborough, Manager, Bolton Clarke
Homeless Persons Program


Redesigning Crisis Accommodation
Jane Barnes, General Manager, The Salvation Army,
Adult Services Network


Reform Reform Reform: What has Changed and What Remains to be Resolved? Victorian Homelessness and Housing Reform: Launch Sites; The Experience So Far
Lisa Morgan, Gippsland Homelessness Network Coordinator



 ‘Happiness is hugging a therapy dog’: Exploring the Use of Animal Assisted Interventions with Youth Experiencing Homelessness
Jessica A. Heerde, Research Fellow, Department of
Paediatrics, The University of Melbourne and Honorary
Research Fellow, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute,
Melanie G Jones, Psychologist, Trainer, Director, Lead
The Way™ Psychology and Animal-Assisted Therapy™,
Poppy Fotiadis, Community Development Worker,
Family Reconciliation Mediation Program,
Frontyard Youth Services, Melbourne City Mission


Learning and Employment: Making the Link for Young People at Risk of Homelessness:The Geelong Project: ‘Collective Impact’ — A New Paradigm
Associate Professor David MacKenzie,
Swinburne University


What I Have Learnt About Youth Homelessness by Building a
School for Young People at Risk of, or Experiencing Homelessness
Dave Wells, Principal, The Hester Hornbrook Academy


Victorian Homelessness Conference
Plenary Debate: Transitional Housing – does it still have an important role in addressing homelessness?