December 2018 Issue: Housing First

Contents for December 2018 Issue: Housing First

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Jenny Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Council to Homeless Persons



Leonie Kenny, CHP Rough Sleeping Project Manager



Part 1: Australian Perspectives on Housing First


Can Housing First Overcome Lack of Access to Permanent Affordable Housing?

Jane Bullen, Social Research Consultant, formerly UNSW, and Eileen Baldry UNSW


Rapid Housing is Critical for People Experiencing Chronic Homelessness

Stephen Schmidtke, Executive Director Client Services, Sacred Heart Mission


Everyone Counts: A ‘Housing First’ Journey I Ross

Karyn Walsh, Chief Executive Officer, Micah Projects


Working Together: Homeless Outreach Mental Health and Housing Service

Grant Liptrot, Project Officer, cohealth; Dave Pruden and Aoife Pollins, HOMHS, Inner West Area Mental Health; Lesley Parkin and Dean Alexander, HOMHS, cohealth


Housing First: The Challenge of Social Inclusion

Chris Chamberlain and Guy Johnson, Social and Global Studies Centre, RMIT University


Can Housing First Put Youth First?

Gemma Luckett and Jessie Halligan, Yfoundations


A Housing First Place to Call Home

Tanya Zollner Support Coordinator, Salvation Army Tasmania Housing Common Ground and Jed Donoghue, Salvation Army Tasmania State Housing and Homelessness Manager


Complexity and Housing First Models

Dean Sullivan, Housing Worker/CatholicCare Housing Connect Support (HCS) Tasmania


Everyone Wants a Slice of the Housing Pie: Testing Housing First, Housing Supply Strategies in Victoria

Catherine Kenyon, Sacred Heart Mission (SHM), Anna Paris SHM


Housing First: An Interview with Shane Austin, CEO, St Kilda Community Housing

Catherine Kenyon, Policy Officer, Sacred Heart Mission


Ending Homelessness in an Urban Car Park: The Story from Penrith

Jenny Ranft, Divisional Manager Community Services, Wentworth Community Services


Families Caught in the Homelessness and Child Protection Cycle: A Supportive Housing Model for Keeping Families Together

Karyn Walsh, Chief Executive Officer, Micah Projects


The Ongoing Road Home: Revisiting Australia’s 2008 National Approach to Homelessness with Regard to Housing First Principles and the Public Housing Sector

Daniel Kuzmanovski, University of South Australia


Part 2: International Perspectives




Housing First Overseas

Nicholas Pleace, University of York


Housing First Revisited

Juha Kaakinen, Chief Executive Officer, Y-Foundation, Finland




We Can End Homelessness

Geert De Bolle, Coordinator of Housing First Lab, Belgium


Introducing Housing First in Spain: Lessons from the Hábitat Program

Martin Julian, Javier Timon and Roberto Bernard, RAIS, Hogar Sí


Housing First: A Creative Approach to Homelessness

Jane Turner from Brighter Futures, Stoke-on-Trent and manager of Housing First Stoke-on-Trent, and Rachael Smith, probation officer and senior housing worker from Staffordshire and West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company talk to Probation Quarterly Editor, Anne Worrall, about supporting offenders in independent housing.




Better Measurement, Better Outcomes: Housing First for Youth in Canada

Stephen Gaetz, Lauren Kimura, and Ashley Ward, The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness


Housing First for Youth in Ottawa: A Making the Shift Demonstration Project

Meryl Borato, John Ecker, and Stephen Gaetz, The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness


Endaayaang: An Indigenous-led Approach to Housing First for Youth

Sheryl Green, Hamilton Regional Indian Centre, Robert Sleeper, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health, Ashley Ward, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and Stephen Gaetz, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness


What is Housing First for Youth?

Stephen Gaetz, Rachel Caplan, and Melanie Redman


New Zealand


It Takes a Whole City: The Christchurch Housing First Initiative

Jill Hawkey, Director of the Christchurch Methodist Mission


Housing First in Hamilton: Who Were First Housed?

Polly Atatoa Carr, S Pawar, R Graham, Carole McMinn, Julie Nelson, Jenny Ombler, Neville Pierse


Housing First in Aotearoa New Zealand: Challenges and Future Directions

Sho Isogai, Consultant/Social innovator, Re-Creation Consulting (RCC) and Doctoral Candidate, Doctor of Social Work (DSW), Massey University.



Part 3: Consumer Voices


Consumer Voices

Consumer Voices is a regular feature in Parity. Articles are written by and with consumers to ensure they have a say about the issues that directly affect them.

Davide Alberti, PESP Team Member


Substance Dependency and Homelessness

Helen Matthews, Team Member of the Peer Education and Support Program (PESP) at the Council to Homeless Persons (CHP)



Haleh Homaei

Chief Executive Officer, HousingFirst


Bevan Warner

Chief Executive Officer, Launch Housing


Felicity Reynolds

Chief Executive Officer, Mercy Foundation