June 2018 Issue: Responding to Older Persons’ Homelessness: What Works?

Contents for June 2018 Issue: Responding to Older Persons’ Homelessness: What Works?

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Jenny Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Council to Homeless Persons





Housing the Elderly Homeless in Victoria: Supply Versus Demand and the Impact of Public Policy

Michael Deschepper, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Wintringham


Older People Experiencing Homelessness: What Models of Housing and Support Work Best?

James Toomey, Chief Executive Officer, Mission Australia


Ageing on the Edge Older Persons Homelessness Prevention Project

Jeff Fiedler, Housing for the Aged Action Group (HAAG) and Dr Debbie Faulkner, Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning (CHURP), University of Adelaide



Chapter 1: Housing Issues


Why New Supply is Not Expanding Housing Opportunities for the Homeless: Some Likely Explanations

Rachel Ong, Professor of Economics, School of Economics and Finance, Curtin University and Gavin Wood, Emeritus Professor of Housing and Urban Research, RMIT University


Independent Living Units: Underfunded and Misunderstood

Fiona Waters, Retirement Housing Worker, Housing for the Aged Action Group


Housing: An Infrastructure of Care for Older Australians

Emma Power, Western Sydney University, Kathleen Mee, University of Newcastle and Jasmine Horrocks, University of Newcastle


Public Housing Redevelopments Impact Older Persons’ Health and Wellbeing

Tegan Leeder, Housing Support Worker, Home at Last Service, Housing for the Aged Action Group


‘Responsible Home Ownership’: A Barrier to Homelessness Policy

Dr Emma Power, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University


Housing Related Challenges for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities

Gemma White, Community Education Worker, Housing for the Aged Action Group


Private Rental and Older Persons

Mark O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer, Tenants Victoria



Chapter 2: Older Women, Homelessness and Housing


National Older Women’s Housing and Homelessness Group: National Advocacy and Action

Felicity Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer, Mercy Foundation


New Approach to Housing Older Women

Jeanette Large, Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Property Initiatives


Learning from the Past, Looking into the Future

Bonnie Keates, Projects and Events Officer, Shelter SA


Towards Policy Visibility for Ageing, Gender and Housing

Hannah Gissane, Project Co-ordinator for Equality Rights Alliance


Not Just a Roof Over Your Head

Annie, Chair, Launch Housing Lived Experience Advisory Group



Chapter 3: Service Responses


Engagement to Social Inclusion: Outreach and Housing Support

Helen Small, General Manager, Operations at Wintringham


The Salvation Army Foley House

Glen James, Acting Manager, Foley House, The Salvation Army


Residential Aged Care: Why are we so reluctant to recommend it?

Kate Rice, Residential Aged Care Manager, Wintringham


Supporting the Invisible Injury Impulsivity

Phillip Goulding, Deputy General Manger Operations, Wintringham


‘My Community, My Way’: A New Development to Make a Real Difference

Sacred Heart Mission


The Importance of Long-term Case Management in Preventing Older Person’s Homelessness: Challenges in Accessing Home Care Packages

Rachel Carroll, Social Worker, Wintringham


Handing Back Control: The Lessons of a Changed Funding Model on the Customer Experience

Steve Newman, Manager of Service Delivery, Recreational Services, Wintringham


When Your Voice is Heard

Than Rosier, Quality Coordinator, Wintringham





Bryan Lipmann AM

Chief Executive Officer, Wintringham


Fiona York

Executive Officer, Housing for the Aged Action Group