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Contents for July 2019 issue: Overcrowding: Too Much of Nothing


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Sally Capp, Lord Mayor, City of Melbourne



Jenny Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Council to Homeless Persons



Feature: Overcrowding: Too Much of Nothing

Overcrowding in Social Housing

Michelle Barnett, Housing and Homelessness Reporting and Development Unit, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare


Severe Overcrowding

The Council to Homeless Persons


The Impacts of Overcrowding on Victoria’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children, Young people and Adults

Jo Doherty Practise Lead and Sara McPherson Project Officer, Elizabeth Morgan House Aboriginal Women’s Service


Overcrowding: Regulatory Problems and Proposed Responses

Joseph Nunweek, Senior Lawyer WEstJustice and Brendan O’Hanlon, Lawyer in Economic and Social Rights in the Civil Justice Program, Victoria Legal Aid


Shared Room Housing: A Growing Form of Overcrowded Accommodation

Zahra Nasreen and Kristian Ruming


Two Views About Overcrowding

Chris Chamberlain, Social and Global Studies Centre, RMIT University


Consumer Voices

Consumer Voices is a regular feature in Parity. Articles are written by, and with, consumers to ensure they have a say about the issues that directly affect them.

Jody Letts, Peer Education Support Program Graduate


Overcrowding in Indigenous Households: Observations From a Far North Queensland Regional Town

Frances Every, Independent Researcher


An Argument for the Establishment of an Overcrowding Policy for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in ACT Public Housing

Sonny Scott, Australian National University


Sleeping in a Chair: The Harsh Reality for Some Migrants

Sophie Dutertre, Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health, with Ali Yaghobi and Mabor Chadhuol


Overcrowding in High‑rise Buildings

Mark O’Brien, Strategic Adviser, Office of the Commissioner for Residential Tenancies, Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety


Overcrowding: Transforming the Experience of Young people and Families

Fiona Dickson, National Fundraising and Marketing Manager, Kids Under Cover


The Nature of Homelessness Through Severe Overcrowding

Dr Andrew Hollows, General Manager, Research and Service Sector Reform


Up on Housing Project Hill…

Martha Haylett on behalf of the Victorian Public Tenants Association


Overcrowding: A Human Rights Issue

Parastou Hatami, Supervising Solicitor, Program Manager, Dhurrawang Aboriginal Human Rights Program, Canberra Community Law (formerly Welfare Rights and Legal Centre)


Overcrowding: Themes and Challenges

Catherine McCarroll, Team Leader Key Workers, HomeConnect, VincentCare



Dr Heather Holst

Victorian Residential Tenancies Commissioner