October 2018 Issue: Mental Health, Disability and Homelessness

Contents for October 2018 Issue: Mental Health, Disability and Homelessness

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Jenny Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Council to Homeless Persons


Specialist Homelessness Services Clients with Mental Health Issues

Carol Kubanek, Housing and Homelessness Reporting and Development Unit, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare



Chapter 1: Mental Health, Disability, Homelessness and the NDIS


The Mental Health NDIS Access Project

Phil Watson, Manager, Central Intake in Victoria, Neami National


The NDIS and Housing

Associate Professor Jen Smith-Merry, Director of the Centre for Disability Research and Policy, The University of Sydney


Housing First and the NDIS: Learnings and Service Recommendations to Support People with a Disability Experiencing Homelessness

Rosie Frankish, Doorway Coordinator, Wellways Australia


Systems’ Reform: Better Meeting the Needs of People with Psychosocial Disability and Reducing the Risk of Homelessness

Larissa Taylor, Director of Projects and Danielle McLeod, Policy Advisor, Mental Health Victoria


Bringing Support for Mental Health, Disability and Homelessness Together

Simone Bursey, Clinical and Therapeutic Services Manager, Frontyard Youth Services


The Specialist Homelessness Sector and the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Andrew Edgar, Capacity Building Officer, Council to Homeless Persons (CHP)


Mental Health Disability: What’s in a Name?

Dr Keith R. McVilly, Scope Professor of Disability and Inclusion, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne


The National Disability Insurance Scheme: The Most Vulnerable Among Us
are Being Left Behind

Catherine Kenyon, Policy Officer, Sacred Heart Mission


Contextualising the Service Needs of People with a Mental Health Disability

Margaret Maljkovic, Chief Operating Officer, Link Housing


$70 Million Additional Mental Health Funding

Kate McMahon, Senior Communications Advisor, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services



Chapter 2: Mental Health and Homelessness


Ideas for Action in Homelessness and Mental Health

Maureen Lewis, Interim Chief Executive Officer, National Mental Health Commission


Housing First and the Maddening Myths of Homelessness

Dr Piers Gooding, Research Fellow, Melbourne Social Equity Institute, University of Melbourne


Taking it to the Streets: Psychiatric Care by Videoconference for the Homeless

Barbara Baumgartner, Senior Social Worker, Brisbane Homeless Health Outreach Team (HHOT)


The Fractured Fairy‑Tale of Prison Release: Would You Want to Get Out?

Tim Giles, Senior Social Worker


Sustainable Tenancies: A Practice Response for Community Housing Providers

Ellis Blaikie, Project Officer, Community Housing Industry Association of New South Wales


Service Responses to Homelessness: Jane in the Concrete Jungle

Ben Bushing, Psychologist, Brisbane Homeless Health Outreach Team (HHOT)


Injury, Illness, Mental Illness and Lost Housing: The Many Reasons Why People who are Homeless Attend Hospital Emergency Departments

Stuart Lee, Research Fellow, Monash University, Alfred Health; Phillipa Thomas, Manager of Business and Strategy, Alfred Health; Harvey Newnham, General Medical Physician, Alfred Health; Julian Freidin, Psychiatrist, Alfred Health; Judy Lowthian, Principal Research Fellow and Head of Research, Bolton Clarke, Monash University; Cathie Smith, Social Worker, Alfred Health; Felice Borghmans, Manager of Hospital Risk Admission Program, Alfred Health; Robert Gocentas, Emergency Physician, Alfred Health; Devereaux De Silva, Clinical Operations Leader, Alfred Health; Simon Stafrace, Mental and Addiction Health Program Director, Alfred Health


Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness for People who have Serious Mental Illness

Emily Meyers, Occupational Therapist, Brisbane Homeless Health Outreach Team (HHOT)


The Relevance of Resilience to the Mental Health of Homeless Adults

Justine McGill and Christina Bryant, University of Melbourne


Full Community Inclusion and a Fully Inclusive Community: Why Rehabilitation Counselling has a valuable role to play in supporting homelessness resolution in Australia

Erin M Fearn‑Smith, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney and NSW SHS Projects, Mission Australia and Dr Evelyne Tadros, State Leader, NSW Metro, Mission Australia


Support in Making the Transition: A State Forensic Mental Health In-Reach program for engaging and transitioning mental health consumers within the justice system to community based services

Russell Oliver, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Prison In-Reach Transition Team, Western Australia State Forensic Mental Health Service


Flexible Housing Support for People with Mental Health Disability

Sharleena Bramley, Salvation Army Pindari Services and Barbara Baumgartner, Queensland Health Homeless Health Outreach Team


Homelessness and Tri-Morbidity

Jessica Dobrovic, Data Analyst, Client Services, The Hutt St Centre, Adelaide



Chapter 3: Mental Health and Homelessness, Lived Experience


Consumer Voices

Consumer Voices is a regular feature in Parity. Articles are written by and with consumers to ensure they have a say about the issues that directly affect them.

Jody Letts, PESP Graduate


Isolation, Homelessness and Transitions to Housing

Marc Morel, Peer Support Worker and Priscilla Ennals Senior Manager Research and Evaluation, Neami National


A Home of My Own

Cameron Skinner and Deb Rouget


Mental Health, Disability and Homelessness and NDIS: NDIS from the Inside

Helen Matthews and Nigel Pernu, team members of the Peer Education and Support program (PESP), the consumer participation program of the Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) and Andrew Edgar, Capacity Building Officer, CHP.




Arthur Papakotsias

Chief Executive Officer, Neami National

and Joe Cassar

General Manager Service Development, Neami National


Elizabeth Crowther

Chief Executive Officer, Wellways Australia


Frank Quinlan

Chief Executive Officer, Mental Health Australia