Policy fact sheets now online

The world of homelessness policy can be filled with detail, lingo and acronymns that are complicated and can be difficult to digest. As a result, over the past 4 months we have been putting together some fact sheets that explain our position on the Victorian Housing Action Plan (VHAP). VHAP is the state government’s 4-year plan to reform the homelessness sector and provide services more effectively. Prior to the plan’s release last year, CHP consulted with the sector and put together a 72-page report which sets out a strategy for ending homelessness in Victoria. After looking at the outcomes from our consultation and research process, it was clear that the most effective way to end homelessness was through the adaptation of a housing first approach. That is, making housing a priority for all individuals experiencing homelessness. CHP’s report details a system design that would, over time, end homelessness in Victoria. The VHAP fact sheets, which highlight, in plain English, exactly what services are needed to end homelessness have been distributed via our fortnightly eNews bulletin and have now been added to our website: 

Strategies for ending homelessness

Rapid Rehousing

Permanent supportive housing for people experiencing long term homelessness

The role of mainstream services in ending homelessness

Throughout the year, we will be creating more fact sheets on range of topics and homelessness including children, mental illness and family violence. Although we have a list of topics in mind, we encourage you to make suggestions and requests, as well as provide feedback via Sarah or Cat in our communications team.