CHP reports and policy updates

Council to Homeless Persons’ (CHP) provides regular updates and background information on state and federal policies related to homelessness.  

CHP works collaboratively with government, people who have experienced homelessness and the homelessness and related sectors to advance state and federal policies to end homelessness.

Read the sections below for the latest updates on current homelessness policy issues. 

CHP Reports

Improving access to social housing and homelessness services : a review 

With the help of Sacred Heart Mission, CHP has pulled together information on the access arrangements for social housing and homelessness services across the country in this review. 

The state of rooming house reform in Victoria

In June 2014, CHP released a report entitled ‘The state of rooming house reform in Victoria’ which reviews the implementation of the rooming house reforms that were introduced in March 2013.

A framework for ending homelessness

In December 2013, CHP released this report in response to the Victorian Homelessness Action Plan. This report is based on extensive research, consultation wih 115 individuals form over 80 services, and outlines the service types and interventiosn needed to end homelessness in Victoria.

State policy updates

Homelessness and social housing in Victoria

Victorian Housing Register

Royal Commission into Family Violence (Victoria)

Victorian Homelessness Action Plan project

Social housing framework and Making social housing work

Sector reform project

Victorian State Budget

Federal policy updates



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