Capacity building

CHP strengthens the capacity of Victoria’s homelessness sector and the broader services system, through best practice education and dissemination of current policy, practice and research information.

The following sections are on best practice and continuous quality improvement, which are both core to building the capacity and sustainability of the homelessness sector.


Outcome Measurement

CHP Outcomes Position Paper (Full)

CHP Outcomes Position Paper (Overview)


Best practice – training and education 
Service delivery is constantly evolving based on new evidence and research.

This section provides resources aimed at supporting practitioners and local communities to implement best practice and improve outcomes for people who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Continuous quality improvement 
The new Department of Human Services Standards were released June 2011. Achieving and maintaining accreditation gives organisations the opportunity to reflect upon and improve their practices.This section provides resources to support continuous quality improvement and accreditation processes.

Good practice guides to housing-focused support
CHP has developed a series of good practice guides to housing-focused support. They provide an insight into the activities that workers undertake to help get people housed and keep them housed.  The guides were developed in consultation with the homelessness sector and people who have experienced homelessness and based on the local and international evidence provided by a literature review. The guides could not have been created without the generous support of The Mercy Foundation.

Engaging young people experiencing homelessness
This resource is about good practice in engaging young people experiencing homelessness. In the future, it will complement an integrated, comprehensive youth homelessness prevention and response framework. This resource draws on literature, research and consultations with Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) practitioners and consumers. The practice guidance included in this resource is informed by insights into adolescent brain development and trauma and their effect on the behaviour and needs of young people experiencing homelessness.

CHP Assertive outreach resource
This resource draws on the experience of workers and people with lived experience to introduce assertive outreach practice. Their words highlight principles and good practice.  This resource includes the key elements of assertive outreach and practice tips for workers.  Links to key resources are provided.

Data in the SHS
CHP is committed to helping develop a pro data culture within the homelessness sector that values reporting and analysing data to improve the outcomes for consumers. A pro data culture is a key element in an outcomes-focused homelessness service system driven by quality data and analysis of those data.