Continuous quality improvement

In 2011, the Department of Human Services (DHS) launched a new set of service standards in order to streamline accreditation, monitoring and evaluation processes.  The new Department of Human Service Standards replace the Homelessness Assistance Service Standards.  

This section provides resources to support continuous quality improvement (CQI) and the accreditation process.

Department of Human Services Standards
The DHS Standards and review processes aim to provide quality services that deliver positive client outcomes for people who use homelessness and other DHS-funded services. 

DHS requires all homelessness organisations to be accredited against the DHS Standards, and management and governance standards on a three year quality cycle.

Accreditation may be carried out by external review or self-review, determined by:
1. The type of service that is provided to clients.
2. The DHS contribution toward service funding.

Independent Review Bodies
All homelessness services will choose an Independent Review Body (IRB) to support their continuous quality improvement processes.

CHP encourages services to research IRBs to find the one that best suits their needs and operational style.

See the below links to IRBs that have been endorsed by DHS to assess community services against the Department of Human Service Standards:

More information:

DHS website
Visit the DHS website for information on:

  • accessing DHS Standards
  • transition factsheet
  • scope of independent review factsheets
  • DHS Standards mapping tools
  • DHS Self-Assessment Report
  • staff and carer file audit tool and client file audit tool
  • the DHS Standards evidence guide
  • DHS Standards independent review bodies
  • self-review tools.

DHS Standards Quality Reference Group
CHP is a member of the DHS Standards Quality Reference Group, which is a forum to provide advice and raise issues relating to the standards and associated processess. Please follow the links below to download minutes of the Quality Reference Group meetings: