Back editions and orders

Order copies of Parity by Contacting us and providing the following information:

  • the month/year of the edition you require
  • number of copies required
  • a cheque for the total amount of the order
  • your contact name, organisation, address and phone numbers.

Individual copies are $10 plus $1 postage and handling, except for overseas orders which will be costed on the number of copies ordered and the location to which they are being delivered.

Costs may also vary with special editions; check with Noel Murray, Parity Editor on email or call him on (03) 8415 6201.

Back editions

View the 1998 – 2011 list of back editions.

View the 2010 list of editions.

View the 2011 list of editions.

View the 2012 list of editions.

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VIew the 2016 list of editions


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