The November 2010 Homelessness and Dispossession edition Cover



Editorial, Michelle Burrell, CEO CHP


Homelessness Australia November 2010 Update

By Nicole Lawder, Chief Executive Officer

FEATURE: Homelessness and Dispossession

Introduction — Dispossession Starts at Home

By Noel Murray, Parity Editor

The Dispossession of Indigenous People: and it’s Consequences

By Mick Dodson AM, Director of the National Centre for Indigenous Studies at the Australian National University

Indigenous Homelessness in Australia: An Introduction

By Paul Memmott and Catherine Chambers, University of Queensland

The Roots of Aboriginal Homelessness in Canada

By Andrew Leach, Chief Executive Officer of the Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AHMA), British Columbia, Canada, and a member of the St’at’imc Nation

The Original Peoples of Australia, New Zealand and Canada and Homelessness: Are we truly living in ‘Post Colonial’ Societies?

By M. Morning Star Doherty, Turtle Island Indigenous Education Corp, Vancouver, Canada

Indigenous Homelessness: The Long Grass Difference

By Dr Cameron Parsell, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute for Social Science Research, The University of Queensland

Displacement of Indigenous Peoples in the Former White Settler Colonies of Australia, New Zealand and Canada

By Simon Emsley

Homeless in the Homeland: A Growing Problem for Indigenous People in Canada’s North

By Frances Abele, Nick Falvo and Arlene Haché

SAFE TRACKS — A Strategic Framework for Supporting Aboriginal Mobility and Reducing Aboriginal Homelessness

By Kerry Beck and Carol Shard, Department for Families and Communities, South Australia

Indigenous Journeys from School to Work: A Canadian Perspective

By Lianne Britten, Macquarie University

Contemporary Displacement Pressures on Indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory

By Simon Emsley

What Has Changed?

By Dan Laws, State-wide Aboriginal Homelessness Network Coordinator


Flora Baoin-McCann — Australian Indigenous Homelessness and Dispossession

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